Jeremiah Gray

Jeremiah Gray

Chief Operating Officer, EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives

Jeremiah Gray is Chief Operating Officer and founding partner of EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives in Braintree, MA. As a long-time supporter of environmental causes, Gray leveraged a career in environmentally-focused management, financial advisement, and private equity. In 2016 he launched the EvaClean Infection Prevention System by EarthSafe, with the ultimate goal of providing total holistic building health. More information about his company can be found at

Articles by Jeremiah Gray

Hand spraying furniture with disinfecting hose
June 4, 2019 Jeremiah Gray

Revolutionary Disinfection Technologies

Technology and Trends

The emergence of electrostatic spraying technology is giving way to better efficiencies and new responsibilities. Here are tips for training, remaining compliant with chemical use, and more.