A group of co-workers enjoying a snack in the breakroom
Riley Quinn Doherty

How to Maintain a Healthy Breakroom

Infection Control

Facility managers can make the breakroom a healthier spot by scheduling regular and thorough cleanings in addition to stocking them with hygienic supplies.

Little boy lying in mess of toilet paper on restroom floor
Kathleen Misovic

Dispenser Innovations Drive Sustainable Solutions


Advances in restroom dispensers are helping to cut down on toilet paper waste and drive sustainability initiatives for facilities.

A clean men's restroom
Kelly Zimmerman

Corners and Crevices: The Nastiest Restroom Areas


Contrary to popular belief, the toilet seat is not the grossest spot in a restroom. Learn tips to clean dirty grout, overfilled feminine hygiene receptacles, and other nasty restroom surfaces.

A blurred image of two men doing a walk-through
Ricardo Regalado

Master the Walk-Through, Master Your Bid

Business and Management

Learn three steps you can take during facility walk-throughs to become a proficient bidder and win more contracts.


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Business and Management

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person wheeling a suitcase
February 20, 2019 Stephen Ashkin

Attract Millennial Workers...and Keep Them


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carpet in an office setting
December 31, 2018 Brad Hoare

Vacuuming: A Key to Clean Indoor Air Quality

Facility Management

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A wet paint sign nailed onto a wall
January 24, 2019 Tina Huff

Post Signs Without Damaging School Surfaces

Hard Floors

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