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A human-like robot watching a woman mop a floor 0
April 12, 2018 Kelly Zimmerman

The Custodian-Robotic Relationship

Although today's robotic cleaners are highly advanced, they still need a human touch to operate efficiently. Both humans and their equipment must work together to produce the best result. Here's how.

wind farm solar panels hydro plant green energy 0
April 10, 2018 Stephen Ashkin

Full Speed Ahead for the Sustainability Movement

Even though the federal government has taken environmental and sustainability issues off its priority list, the movement is still going strong.

clean inspection grading system on mobile phone 0
April 6, 2018 Caden Hutchens

Design a Mobile Cleaning Inspection

Inspections can be a timely and tedious process, but software developments can help supervisors save time and create new efficiencies in how they grade employee work.

LMS in use on laptop 0
April 6, 2018 Nicole Bowman

Success Stories in Online Training

How does your organization go about tracking its employees’ training success? Read success stories from three different organizations.

A blue computer mouse with training spelled out in the cord 0
April 12, 2018 Kelly Zimmerman

Taking Training Online

Setting clear expectations and creating standards is one way to ensure employees are delivering quality results and not just running down a checklist of items.

Housekeeping cart with items sorted by color 0
March 7, 2018 Eric Gaudet

Cleaning With Colors

Nearly all industries benefit from using colors to clean, including medical centers, hotels, restaurants, schools, daycares, and nursing homes.

Hannah Kennedy from ISSA and Mark Sisson 0
March 5, 2018

Supplementing With Self-Cleaning Surfaces

A look back at a forward-thinking technology: Lean more about self-cleaning surfaces and how they can help supplement cleaning efforts in our facilities.

graph of commercial flooring prices 0
March 2, 2018 Jonathan Adkins

Floor Report Reveals Market Trends

ISSA & AACEM have developed a report to help industry professionals stay current with commercial construction and renovation activity and projections, flooring materials trends, and key U.S. economic indicators.

Cell phone pointing to innovation options 0
January 26, 2018 Gretchen Roufs

Can’t-Miss Tech for 2018

Since last year, there’s been a shift in how the industry speaks about technology. Are we finally ready to embrace it and learn best practices?

Sleek restroom 0
December 4, 2017 Klaus Reichardt

A Sneak Peek into Restrooms of the Future

Restrooms of the future will likely focus on safety in addition to sanitation and sustainability.

2017 Innovations 0
October 8, 2017 Joan Weis

2017 Innovations

The ISSA Innovation Showcase highlighted the most breakthrough products in the industry. See who came out on top at ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America 2017.

21st Century Communication Tips 0
October 4, 2017 Ron Segura

21st Century Communication Tips

To engage with customers today, you are expected to remain connected around the clock.