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Sanitary Solutions for Waste Disposal in Women's Restrooms 0
April 27, 2018 Linda Pace

Sanitary Solutions for Waste Disposal in Women's Restrooms

When it comes to cleaning restrooms used by women, many building service contractors (BSCs) find that their biggest maintenance headache is dealing with feminine waste.

A person using a refillable hand dispenser 0
April 23, 2018

Danger in the Soap Dispenser

A growing body of scientific evidence supports the idea that refillable bulk soap dispensers may be working against your efforts to create a clean and healthy building environment.

Anthony Trombetta 0
March 19, 2018

Neutral vs. Acidic Cleaning Chemicals

This ISSA Educational Quick Tip takes a look at PH levels and how they impact your cleaning solutions.

white restroom stall 0
March 5, 2018 J. Darrel Hicks

Unearth the Restroom Stall’s Germiest Areas

When cleaning a restroom, pretend you are the patron. Walk into the stall, close the door, and think about what you see.

Messy public bathroom with toilet paper strewn about 0
February 26, 2018 Kory Heck

Does Your Restroom Give a Bad Impression of Your Business?

When facility managers don't make restroom cleanliness a priority, they put customer satisfaction, health and safety, and their company's bottom line at risk.

Trash bin for feminine care products 0
February 15, 2018 Ann Germanow

Take Care When Emptying Sanitary Disposal Units in Women's Restrooms

The metal or plastic hinged trash bin in a restroom stall for the disposal of soiled feminine care products poses the greatest health risk in the restroom to patrons and staff.

granite countertop with apple and knife on it 0
January 19, 2018 Scott Jenkins

Six Tips for Cleaning Granite Countertops and Surfaces

Food, drinks, and other spills can leave your granite surfaces looking dingy and dirty.Follow these green cleaning tips to wash your granite safely.

Restroom stalls with question marks 0
December 20, 2017 Cintas Corp.

Deck the Malls with Sanitary Restrooms

Before you visit the mall this holiday season, learn the truth about these eight common misconceptions of restroom cleanliness and hygiene.

Standardize Restroom Cleaning with Sanitation Best Practices 0
December 5, 2017 Kathleen Misovic

Standardize Restroom Cleaning with Sanitation Best Practices

Sleek restroom 0
December 4, 2017 Klaus Reichardt

A Sneak Peek into Restrooms of the Future

Restrooms of the future will likely focus on safety in addition to sanitation and sustainability.

Chicago White Sox Restroom Renovation 0
October 15, 2017 David Casal

Chicago White Sox Restroom Renovation

When it comes to upgrading historic facilities like these, the challenge is to accomplish renovations and upgrades without impacting its character.

Combat Flu Germs in the Restroom 0
October 5, 2017 Steve Carroll

Combat Flu Germs in the Restroom

Although germs can harbor anywhere in a building, restrooms are prime targets for germs to spread. Learn how to sanitize properly to prevent cross-contamination.