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Chemical spill 0
December 13, 2017 Michael Shannon Sr.

Chemical Spill Cleanup

Chemical spills can contribute to slips, falls, and other hazardous conditions. Learn to mitigate these risks with safer cleanup options.

Gloved hands bandaging a wound 0
December 11, 2017 Duane Carey

Prevent a First Aid Failure

Cleaning can be a dangerous occupation. However, minor work-related injuries can be treated quickly if a properly-stocked first aid kit is readily available.

Handling Hazardous Waste in Schools 0
December 1, 2017 Maricha Ellis

Handling Hazardous Waste in Schools

From science labs to cleaning supply rooms, an educational facility houses a variety of hazardous waste that must be managed and disposed properly for safety and compliance reasons.

Healthier Air, Healthier Students 0
October 15, 2017 Cristina Córdova & Tracy Washington Enger

Healthier Air, Healthier Students

IAQ issues in facilities can lead to long- and short-term health problems. Learn how to mitigate this issue to help improve student health.

Woman in an office holding her nose 0
January 3, 2018 Larry Lawton

Odor Elimination Tips for Homes and Facilities

For your facility, business, or home to be healthy as well as smell clean and fresh, it is essential that the source of odors be identified and removed.

Restroom stalls with question marks 0
December 20, 2017 Cintas Corp.

Deck the Malls with Sanitary Restrooms

Before you visit the mall this holiday season, learn the truth about these eight common misconceptions of restroom cleanliness and hygiene.

​The Hurricane Disaster We Don’t Hear About 0
December 8, 2017 Stephen Ashkin

​The Hurricane Disaster We Don’t Hear About

2017 has been one of the worst hurricane seasons on record. Even after the hurricanes pass, we must consider the long-term health repercussions and their impact on facilities.

man on couch 0
December 7, 2017 Kathleen Misovic

Control Germs at Home and in the Office

Although modern technology has led to many advances in combating germs, modern living has led to their quick spread.

flooding 0
December 5, 2017 Larry Lawton

Look to Efficiency and Safety When Cleaning After a Hurricane

The damage left behind by a hurricane may seem impossible to repair. Getting back to normal will take time and effort, but with the proper cleaning supplies, you can do it.

Standardize Restroom Cleaning with Sanitation Best Practices 0
December 5, 2017 Kathleen Misovic

Standardize Restroom Cleaning with Sanitation Best Practices

Combat Flu Germs in the Restroom 0
October 5, 2017 Steve Carroll

Combat Flu Germs in the Restroom

Although germs can harbor anywhere in a building, restrooms are prime targets for germs to spread. Learn how to sanitize properly to prevent cross-contamination.

Revisiting GHS Label Compliance 0
September 8, 2017 Del Williams

Revisiting GHS Label Compliance

Companies that have not implemented a proper labeling system for the chemicals in their facilities may risk costly penalties. Here's what you need to know.