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Woman in an office holding her nose 0
January 3, 2018 Larry Lawton

Odor Elimination Tips for Homes and Facilities

For your facility, business, or home to be healthy as well as smell clean and fresh, it is essential that the source of odors be identified and removed.

flooding 0
December 5, 2017 Larry Lawton

Look to Efficiency and Safety When Cleaning After a Hurricane

The damage left behind by a hurricane may seem impossible to repair. Getting back to normal will take time and effort, but with the proper cleaning supplies, you can do it.

Water meter 0
December 5, 2017 Klaus Reichardt

Go Beyond Fixing Leaks

Keep water rate increases in check by reducing your facility’s water use in the long term. Here are helpful steps on how to get there.

Handling Hazardous Waste in Schools 0
December 1, 2017 Maricha Ellis

Handling Hazardous Waste in Schools

From science labs to cleaning supply rooms, an educational facility houses a variety of hazardous waste that must be managed and disposed properly for safety and compliance reasons.

Chemical spill 0
December 13, 2017 Michael Shannon Sr.

Chemical Spill Cleanup

Chemical spills can contribute to slips, falls, and other hazardous conditions. Learn to mitigate these risks with safer cleanup options.

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December 11, 2017 Judy Gillies

Don’t Get Caught in the Cleaning Industry’s Perfect Storm

This perfect storm of trending business decisions can sabotage cleaning operations if facility managers don’t head them off.

Keep Commercial Carpeting Looking Its Best 0
December 8, 2017 Larry Lawton

Keep Commercial Carpeting Looking Its Best

Follow these best practices for cleaning a commercial carpet to preserve its natural appearance and extend its life.

Five Tips to Protect Floors from the Ravages of Weather 0
December 4, 2017 Cintas Corp.

Five Tips to Protect Floors from the Ravages of Weather

The following floor cleaning checklist will help facility managers protect floors from the ravages of weather such as snow, ice, mud, and rain.

Healthier Air, Healthier Students 0
October 15, 2017 Cristina Córdova & Tracy Washington Enger

Healthier Air, Healthier Students

IAQ issues in facilities can lead to long- and short-term health problems. Learn how to mitigate this issue to help improve student health.

Chicago White Sox Restroom Renovation 0
October 15, 2017 David Casal

Chicago White Sox Restroom Renovation

When it comes to upgrading historic facilities like these, the challenge is to accomplish renovations and upgrades without impacting its character.

Organizations Must Weather the Storm 0
October 11, 2017 Stephen Ashkin

Organizations Must Weather the Storm

Natural disasters around the globe are having dramatic impact on businesses small and large. How can we prepare business to be resilient in these times?

Prepping for Winter Pests 0
October 10, 2017 Glen Ramsey

Prepping for Winter Pests

Winter weather can bring the most dreaded pests, including rodents and cockroaches, into your facility.