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A blurred image of two men doing a walk-through
February 11, 2019 Ricardo Regalado

Master the Walk-Through, Master Your Bid

Learn three steps you can take during facility walk-throughs to become a proficient bidder and win more contracts.

High Dusting Kits from ProTeam
February 6, 2019 Sponsored by ProTeam

High Dusting Kits from ProTeam

ProTeam® offers High Dusting Kits that bring many above-the-floor areas within the cleaner’s reach for safe and efficient cleaning.

A person writing an online review on a laptop
January 2, 2019 Kathleen Misovic

Take Control of Your Company’s Online Presence

The way you respond to people who write negative online reviews of your business can save your company's reputation and win back disgruntled customers.

top BSC challenges
December 18, 2018 Kelly Zimmerman

Wage Increases Won’t Stop BSC Expansions

CMM survey shows staffing is a top issue, but the market looks bright for contract cleaning companies

Photo of a female veteran in camouflage in front of an American flag
February 14, 2018 Julie McAdoo

Staffing Up With Service Members

If you can help make a veteran’s transition to civilian life easier by offering meaningful employment, you’ve earned a loyal and hardworking employee. Veterans have outstanding leadership abilities that are helpful as they move up the ladder and into different roles within the organization.

person budgeting and using a calculator
February 2, 2018 William R. Griffin

How to Price a Deep-Cleaning Job

A deep-cleaning job can occur on a set schedule or on an as-needed basis. Do your homework regarding staffing and budgeting before you submit a bid.

coworkers' hands stacked on top of each other to symbolize teamwork
January 29, 2018 Magi Graziano

Seven Steps for Productive Teamwork

Leaders seeking to repair an absence of trust and inspire a high-performance work culture should follow seven steps: identify purpose, select a leader, establish rules, select players, set the level, plan, and check progress.

confident businesswoman
January 2, 2018 Janice Janssen

Four Tips for Running Your Contract Cleaning Company With Confidence

About 50 percent of small businesses fail in the first four years. For business longevity, follow these four steps.

Tailored contract
December 13, 2017 Todd Hopkins

Tailor Your Systems to Suit All Account Sizes

Knowing how to communicate value to customers is a quintessential skill that separates your business from the competition.

Survey cover image
December 12, 2017 Kelly Zimmerman

Seek Power in Numbers

The commercial cleaning industry is full of go-getters, whether they are operating a business that’s part of a franchise or an independently run company. How do they stand out against their competition?

Man holding umbrella
December 11, 2017 Judy Gillies

Don’t Get Caught in the Cleaning Industry’s Perfect Storm

This perfect storm of trending business decisions can sabotage cleaning operations if facility managers don’t head them off.

Water meter
December 5, 2017 Klaus Reichardt

Go Beyond Fixing Leaks

Keep water rate increases in check by reducing your facility’s water use in the long term. Here are helpful steps on how to get there.

Man on desk
December 1, 2017 Mike Campion

Protect Your Company From Bad Employees

How much negative impact can bad apples in your organization have? And do you even want to find out?

Financial Success in 2018
October 13, 2017 Kathleen Misovic

Financial Success in 2018

What is the U.S. legislature doing to help business owners? Political strategists debate the state of the economy.

Establishing a Foundation for Training
October 12, 2017 Richard Bodo

Establishing a Foundation for Training

Businesses seeking to address a performance or knowledge gap in their staff often turn to training programs.

Five Simple Solutions for Workplace Success
October 10, 2017 Kevin Keeler

Five Simple Solutions for Workplace Success

Whether you own your own cleaning company or work as a cleaning supervisor, we’ve all felt overwhelmed in our jobs at some point in time.