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Government Incentives for Hiring Ex-Offenders, Veterans, and People with Disabilities
November 11, 2019 Nan Hallock

Government Incentives for Hiring Ex-Offenders, Veterans, and People with Disabilities

​An all-new ISSA state-by-state summary of economic incentives for hiring nonviolent ex-offenders, people with disabilities, and armed forces veterans is now available at

Employee benefits
November 8, 2019 Scott Tackett

Employee Benefits for 2020: Let’s Get Them Right

With the ongoing shortage in the labor market, companies of all sizes are looking to continue or even grow professional development benefits for all employees.

new company logo design
November 5, 2019 Ron Segura

Start the New Year With a New Logo

A descriptive company logo includes text along with commonly recognized images or designs that communicate the type of products or services you are offering.

impact of divorce on business
October 18, 2019 Trisch Garthoeffner

The Aftermath of Divorce

When a marriage ends, the spouses need to divide their marital property, including businesses that were started during the lifetime of the marriage.

ESL Employees
October 9, 2019 Nan Hallock

Managing ESL Employees

Thoughtful supervisors can help ensure the success of individual employees who speak English as a second language and teams by building bridges of understanding.

Drawing of people with thought bubbles over their heads
October 7, 2019 Mili Washington

IICRC Standards

Following industry standards helps your firm streamline processes, trim costs, build credibility, and earn customer loyalty, which ultimately boosts your bottom line.

exterior building
September 30, 2019 Sponsored by SunBelt Rentals

2019 BSC/Contract Cleaning Benchmarking Survey Report

Find the latest business outlook from fellow building service contractors (BSCs), broken down by business type, size, revenue, geographical location, and more.

woman holding cleaning supplies
September 20, 2019 Mariah Bliss

6 Tips for Starting Your Own Commercial Cleaning Company

Check out these six tips on how to start a cleaning business, with advice on everything from picking out your cleaning territory to getting your first customer.

puzzle piece
September 11, 2019 Amy W. Richardson

A New Season

Amy W. Richardson is the new managing editor for Cleaning and Maintenance Management.

customer service
September 9, 2019 Michael Wilson

The Apology

From apologizing to problem-solving, learn the best ways cleaning contractors and jansan distributors can handle customer complaints.

calculating finances
September 9, 2019 Dan Ringo

Return on Investment

A robust, regular plan for quality assurance evaluations and benchmarking can greatly benefit your operation.

big data lock electronic
September 8, 2019 Kathleen Misovic

Big Data

Many facility service providers are relying on data provided by sensor and software technology to help them run more efficiently. It is important to invest in the IoT solution that can best support one’s unique business challenges.