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Biologic toilet paper
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Sofidel America Corp.

Break Through Clogs

Limit toilet clogs with Papernet’s Bio Tech Toilet Tissue from Sofidel. Enhanced with Biologic Active Tissue Paper (BATP) technology, this product produces enzymes that eat away buildup in pipes, reducing the opportunity for clogs as quickly as just one month of use. This tissue is ideal for facilities looking to reduce costs associated with plumbing emergencies.

Box of bathroom tissue
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Morcon Tissue

This Tissue Keeps on Rolling

Morcon Tissue’s new M99 Jumbo Roll contains 1,000 feet of 2-ply tissue. This 100 percent recycled product is soft yet durable and comes in a space-saving carton. Suitable for facilities looking to save labor costs by reducing the amount of tissue roll changes, M99 is the economical choice for any high-traffic restroom.

Toilet paper rolls
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Kimberly-Clark Professional

More Tissue, Less Cardboard

Each case of Scott® Small Core Bathroom Tissue from Kimberly-Clark has three more rolls and 10 percent more sheets per case compared to a case of standard restroom tissue. These high-capacity rolls are the longest single tissue rolls offered by Kimberly-Clark. They fit in Kimberly-Clark Professional® dispensers, as well as other high-capacity dispensers.

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Low scratch scour pad and sponge
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3M Commercial Solutions Division

Scour pads

3M’s Scotch-Brite™ Low Scratch Scour Pad and Low Scratch Scour Sponge clean stainless steel, countertops, ceramic tile, and other surfaces where minimal scratching is desired. Each features a power dot side to scour away tough messes. The 2000HEX pad has a dark blue side that removes fine food particles. The 3000HEX sponge has a light blue side with antimicrobial technology to resist bacteria growth.

Continuous hand towel dispenser
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Essity Professional Hygiene North America LLC


The PeakServe dispensing system from Tork is designed for high-traffic washrooms. PeakServe dispenses a continuous hand towel by utilizing compressed towel bundles which latch onto each other when loaded, so they dispense without interruption. The dispenser holds more than 2,100 towels, which allows it to service 600 more guests than roll towel or folded towel dispensers before it needs to be refilled.

Hose reel
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Hannay Reels

Hose Reel

Hannay Reels’ VAC series reel provides a convenient method for storing and handling vacuum hoses. The heavy-duty reel stands up to traveling and features a variety of mounting configurations for different truck and tank constraints. The reel’s dual, sealed bearings provide smooth winding and unwinding. It comes standard with a manual rewind system but is available with electric or hydraulic rewind.

Ultra-thin nitrile gloves
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ProWorks Ultra Thin Nitrile Gloves from Hospeco are ideal for wearers who need to feel their way through tasks. These powder-free gloves combine the strength and fit of nitrile with the thin-gauge barrier in loose-fitting vinyl gloves. They are resistant to punctures and to motor oils, grease, and many chemicals. Their beaded cuff makes them easy to pull on and their textured fingertips assist with grip.

Medical waste cart
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Toter, Inc.

Medical Waste Cart

Toter’s 32-gallon medical waste cart is biohazard compatible, making it suitable for hospitals, surgical centers, and other medical facilities. The cart holds up to 112 pounds and is available with two wheels or two wheels and two casters. It features a locking lid to eliminate leaks and is fully stackable, allowing for easy transport and storage. Its unique shape allows it to fit in tight spaces.

Soap and lotion dispenser
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Tolco Corp.


Prevent soap and lotion leaks by dispensing from the top, instead of the bottom, with Tolco’s Top PerFOAMer & Top Choice dispenser. This easy-to-install dispenser is ADA-compliant and features a locking system and replaceable pumps, which allow the units to convert from lotion to foam or vice versa. It can be imprinted with your company’s logo to personalize your restroom.

Water-based urethane floor finish
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Avmor Ltd.

Floor Finish

Avmor’s WF725 floor finish is an environmentally friendly water-based urethane floor covering suitable for hardwood gym floors. It’s ready-to-use formula is easy to apply and bonds with any existing floor coating that is in good condition. The low-odor, quick-dry formula allows the floor to be used the next day and provides a high-gloss protective finish that is resistant to scratches and scuffs.

Bottle of deodorizer
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Waterless Co., Inc.


Signature™ deodorizer from Waterless is safe for most surfaces. Spray it on walls, garbage cans, and restroom fixtures for a long-lasting fragrance. It will mask odors around waterless urinal trap exchanges. The deodorizer can also be poured into carpet shampoo solutions and mopping solutions to add a fresh, clean scent to floors. Signature is available in single quarts or a case of 12 quarts.

Disposable dusting sheets
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Americo Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Dusting Sheets

Double-sided TrapEze disposable dusting sheets from Americo can be used with any dusting tool. They feature an adhesive coating that removes dust and dirt without leaving a sticky residue. The sheets also clean baseboards, ceiling fans, bookshelves, and other hard-to-reach areas. They are available in 5-inch and 8-inch widths and are perforated every six inches, allowing users to choose the length.

Self-adhesive mop pad
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Nexstep Commercial Products


The Disposable Dust Mop and Pad system from Nexstep uses electrostatic charge to quickly pick up dust, dirt, and hair—no water, oils, or chemicals are needed. The self-adhesive pad securely holds 2-inch by 4¾-inch mop sheets, which are disposable for a more sanitary facility. The mopping system attaches securely to any Velcro mop frame.

Container of carpet cleaner
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Charlotte Products

Carpet Cleaner

Enviro-Solutions® ES93+ Encapsulation Carpet Cleaner from Charlotte Products provides quick cleaning and drying of virtually all carpet types. No special equipment is required as it can be applied using a spin bonnet on a traditional floor machine. ES93+ converts soils into powder that can be vacuumed up without leaving any sticky residue that can cause resoiling. It’s also ideal for cleaning grout and rubber floors.

Container of odor neutralizer
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Bioesque Solutions

Odor Neutralizer

Botanical Odor Neutralizer from Bioesque eliminates odors and removes stains without harmful or toxic chemicals. It removes mold and mildew and is also effective against difficult stains including coffee, wine, blood, urine, and vomit. The neutralizer is ideal for hospitals and restrooms and safe to use on a variety of surfaces including walls, fabrics and carpets. It is available in 1-gallon containers and 55-gallon drums.