Your Business Can Secure a Government Cleaning Contract

Federal customers prefer small businesses with proven capabilities

September 3, 2019

Cleaning companies looking for new customers may not have considered seeking a contract with the federal government. A common misconception is that government contracts only go to large corporations. However, the U.S. government, which is the largest customer in the world, is required by law to consider contracts with small businesses, according to, which offers tips on securing these contracts.

Working for the government has many perks. Federal customers are available in every state and all major cities and they must pay small businesses within 15 days of receiving an accurate invoice.

Finding a federal job is not difficult when you use free government-run online tools and databases listing opportunities or contracts. The website used by most federal agencies is FedBizOpps at

The only mandatory step for businesses seeking to become a federal contractor is to register for free at the System for Award Management at As government customers are extremely risk-adverse, small businesses with the best chance of winning a government contract must be able to prove their experience and capabilities through strong references. Build a track record of providing services or selling products to corporate or consumer customers before seeking a contract with the government. Make sure your pricing is competitive with other companies, as pricing is also a strong consideration for government customers.

Don’t neglect to come prepared for meetings with potential customers, including those with the government, as business owners that ask questions of prospective clients are more likely to score the contract.

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