What School Custodians Do All Summer

Custodians work hard all summer preparing for the new school year

August 21, 2019
As students and teachers return to school, many may not think twice about the clean buildings that await them. But the pristine condition of the school facilities is due to hard work from school custodians who don’t get a summer break.

Cintas Corp points out five areas school maintenance and cleaning crews focus on during the summer break:

  1. Entrances and sidewalks: Power washing makes concrete entrances brighter and more inviting.
  2. Carpets: Summer carpet care often involves a high-pressure steam system and hot-water extraction method to remove the accumulation of deep-down soil and residue left behind by other cleaning methods.
  3. Hard Floors: Deep cleaning hard surface flooring such as VCT, polished concrete or ceramic tile and grout can be time-consuming jobs best performed during school breaks.
  4. Restrooms: A summer deep cleaning often involves sanitizing restroom surfaces with the use of a chemical injection washer to remove soil build-up that regular mops and brushes cannot reach.
  5. PTAC and VTAC Coil Cleaning: As the first days of school are usually hot in many parts of the country, PTAC and VTAC coil deep cleans can improve indoor air quality, airflow and temperature accuracy when air conditioning units are turned on.

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