Top Facility Maintenance Trends for 2020

Flexible space and predictive maintenance among the issues facility managers will face this decade

January 14, 2020

Facility managers are in charge of ensuring the spaces where people work, live, learn, and play are safe, healthy, and well-maintained. But as more people begin working from home, and an increased number of students enroll for online classes, building space is becoming underutilized. As a result, flexible spaces are in high demand, requiring facility managers to consider retrofits that will improve building utilization. Flexible spaces are among the 20 top facility maintenance trends predicted for 2020, according to a new report from building services provider Aramark.

Another trend that goes hand-in-hand with flexibility is revenue generation. As companies experience shrinking building needs, making money from their unneeded spaces will become a priority. As razing or decommissioning unneeded rooms or facilities will not be good options for most companies, facility managers will need to come up with alternate uses. For instance, unused classrooms or auditoriums could be ideal settings for professional training.

As building managers begin renting out spaces to other groups, proper maintenance of these spaces will make them more attractive to potential users. That’s where another top trend for 2020—predictive maintenance—becomes crucial.

With the use of sensor technology growing, the ability to monitor virtually any component of a facility increases. This information allows organizations to transition from traditional, time-based preventive maintenance measures toward real-time, data-driven actions that predict when maintenance is needed. Read more about the benefits of predictive maintenance and how it is superior to preventative maintenance.


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