Robots Instrumental in Stopping the Spread of Coronavirus

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February 5, 2020

Robotics are an important innovation in the cleaning industry, providing autonomous floor cleaning and tackling other highly repetitive jobs to free up custodians for more thought-provoking tasks.

Robotics are also playing a role in infection control, as evidenced by a new device being used to help stop the spread of the new coronavirus that began in China, Forbes reports. The device, known as Vici, allows health care providers to interact with coronavirus patients through a screen instead of in person. A telehealth device on wheels, Vici can be transported from hospital rooms to airports and allows doctors and nurses to talk to patients and perform basic diagnostic functions, like taking temperatures. This device was recently used in a Washington state hospital to treat the first U.S. patient confirmed to have coronavirus.

Other robots are being used in China to deliver food and medical supplies to coronavirus patients, preventing delivery people from catching the virus.

To learn more about the role of robots in today’s society, mainly the cleaning industry, sign up for a webinar on February 12, The Cleaning Robots Are Here, Now What?

To learn more about coronavirus, check out a special Media Alert released to the global cleaning by the Global BioRisk Advisory Council® (GBAC), a Division of ISSA. In addition, ISSA and GBAC have created a Tips Sheet on best practices for using personal protective equipment during a crisis. There is now an ISSA resource page for the coronavirus that will be updated with new information as it becomes available.

And don’t forget about today’s webinarPrepare, Respond, Recover: A Special Webinar on the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). The webinar will feature a Q&A session with GBAC Executive Director Patricia Olinger and other members of the GBAC team, as they discuss prevention and contamination control measures for the current situation, and other biohazards. Even if you can’t attend the live event, you can register anytime and you will be sent a link to the recording.

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