Hotel Guests Rank Clean Bed as Top Priority

Survey finds hotel patrons value hygiene over location and service

September 11, 2019

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, a survey conducted by Procter & Gamble Professional found clean bed sheets and a fresh-smelling bed is most important to hotel guests, Cleaning Hygiene Today reports.

The survey of 2,000 British hotel patrons found that 78% sleep better in a clean room and 84% would not visit the hotel again if their room was dirty. Most (71%) would walk out of a hotel if they found dirty sheets on the bed, and 69% would not tolerate a dirty bathroom. Almost all the survey respondents (97%) are disturbed by evidence of previous guests in their room, with 66% reporting they don’t want to see a stranger’s hair in their room’s shower.

When checking hotel reviews online, 78% said cleanliness was the most important factor they considered when booking a hotel room, with location being the second priority (64%) and service coming in third (56%).

Survey respondents chose the following qualities as most important when choosing a hotel room:

  • A fresh-smelling bedroom (67%)
  • An immaculate bathroom (63%)
  • Fresh-smelling bed linen (61%)
  • No stray hairs in the bedroom or bathroom (45%)
  • Bright, white sheets (43%)
  • No dirty ring around the bathtub (42%)
  • Comfortable room temperature (39%)
  • Natural light (37%)
  • A decent sized of bed (36%)
  • A lovely view from the window (28%)

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