Cleaning and Maintenance Go High-Tech

November 8, 2019

Cleaning industry tools have not only advanced beyond the basic mop and broom. New software and app programs are providing high-tech methods for assigning custodial tasks, keeping track of preventative maintenance, managing payroll, as well as other jobs that were previously managed by word of mouth and old-fashioned paper and pencil.

Inspection reports are a vital part of a company’s quality assurance process. Mobile software provides an efficient way to create inspection reports you can share with your team. This software technology, often paired with data provided by sensors, also can monitor restroom supplies, run building system equipment, bill customers, and create staff workloading schedules.

Software technology not only makes keeping track of maintenance tasks easier, it makes facilities safer by cutting down on disease-causing pathogens. For instance, fault-detection software monitors building systems that control temperature, humidity, water flow, and air flow to pinpoint sources of the legionella bacteria that is responsible for Legionnaires’ Disease.

Look over some of the newest high-tech services and products featured in the 2019 ISSA Innovation Award Program. Then vote for your favorite among the entries for a chance to win a US$500 gift card.


Bona Resilient Floor Renovation by Bona US

OptiSolve Surface Imaging Technology – Seeing Your Way To Better Cleaning by OptiSolve, a division of Charlotte Products Ltd.

Janitorial Manager by Double A – Janitorial Manager

Inform eCommerce Pro by DDI System LLC

i-Synergy by I.C.E.

Hydro Connect by Hydro Systems

Tork Digital Cleaning Plans by Tork, an Essity brand

The M1 Hardware Portal by Service Robotics & Technology

ZanWave by Zan Compute Inc.
GoFree Route: The Service Platform by Route


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