Celebrate Environmental Services/International Housekeepers Week

Show appreciation for professional housekeepers and hospital cleaners

September 10, 2019

Professional housekeepers and hospital cleaners work hard all year long to assure the facilities they service are clean and healthy for the people who visit, eat, live, work and play there. Environmental Services Week (EVSW) / International Housekeepers Week (IHW), September 8-14, is a perfect time to show appreciation to these workers.

IEHA has been the official sponsor of EVSW/IHW since its founding in 1981.

“I am proud to announce that IEHA fought to establish this annual week that is celebrated globally each year the second week of September,” said IEHA Executive Director Michael Patterson. “Let me ask when the last time was you thanked your EVS or housekeeping staff. This week is a great time to give sincere thanks and proper recognition to the front-line staff who make our jobs successful.”

The objectives of EVSW/IHW are:

  • To show the relationship between work accomplished by the housekeeping or the EVS department and staff, and how it affects patient care, hotel guests, the public, and those living in a home away from home
  • To show the increasing expectations and requirements expected of these workers
  • To promote the importance of the industry
  • To encourage staff education
  • To recognize employees’ personal record of achievement, and length of service
  • To thank each housekeeper or EVS team member on behalf of IEHA and to make sure they understood how much they are truly valued
  • To present awards with or without a luncheon or dinner. The awards can include best attendance, longest employment time, best all-around worker (voted by their peers), most cooperative employee, most improved employee, best supervisor, and the housekeeper of the year.

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