Universities Share Successes on Their Journey to Zero Waste

A look at how three different campuses compost, reuse, and recycle

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Throwing water bottle into recycling bin
Jack McGurk

Waste Stream Management Procedures

IEHA, a division of ISSA, shares tips for conducting a successful audit and reducing waste management expenses

Hand spraying furniture with disinfecting hose
Jeremiah Gray

Revolutionary Disinfection Technologies

Technology and Trends

The emergence of electrostatic spraying technology is giving way to better efficiencies and new responsibilities. Here are tips for training, remaining compliant with chemical use, and more.

Building at North Carolina State University
Kathleen Misovic

Pitching Pizza Boxes and Cleaning Up Chemical Waste

Health and Safety

North Carolina State University talks composting, ionized water, and other sustainable practices for limiting waste and chemical exposure

Building at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Kathleen Misovic

This Higher Education Facility Is Dumping Delivery Boxes

Facility Management

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill talks tackling delivery packages, which outnumber the student population on campus.

Students sifting through waste
Kathleen Misovic

Digging for Trash to Reduce Restroom and Food Waste


Learn how the University of Texas at Austin significantly cut garbage out of the waste stream by reducing plastic liner use, noncompostable food service items, surplus electronics, and more.

A yellow sign reading
Lee Senter

The Culture of Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Remember the acronym REACH—Recognition, Evaluation, Assessment, Control, and Hazards—when establishing a safety and health program at your workplace.



Person looking at inspection report on a laptop
Ricardo Regalado & Vianney Garcia

Tips on Effective Inspection Software Setup


Inspection reports ensure your team members are completing work in a consistent manner by providing feedback for improvement. Here are a few tips on how to properly configure and deliver your reports.

A person signing a document on a clipboard
Jim Loughlin

Insurance Considerations for Cleaning Businesses

Business and Management

The proper insurance coverage will protect your cleaning business against substantial financial loss. Consider your company's potential risks and research the various types of insurance before choosing a policy.

Man blowing his nose at a computer
Doug Hoffman

Take Indoor Air Quality Complaints Seriously

Facility Management

Even if just one worker complains of poor indoor air quality, employers have a responsibility to follow through on the complaint. Workers have varying sensitivities to indoor allergens.



A French restroom sign
Kelly Zimmerman

Are the Seats Greener on the Other Side?


Are European restrooms better maintained than American facilities, or are the restroom patrons neater when taking care of business?


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ProTeam backpack vac
Sponsored by ProTeam

Blue Valley Schools Go Cordless for Speed & Safety

Facility Management

EnvirOx H2Orange2 cleaner
Sponsored by ENVIROX 

Illinois State University Re-Energizes Their Cleaning Program by Embracing Simplicity

Facility Management


Products & Services

Route App 
More Information
Roza Route, LLC 

Get on the Route to Company Growth

​The Route data-driven platform provides building services companies with data, sales, and human capital management tools. Downloadable as a mobile or web-based app, Route will lead you through walk-throughs, proposals, inspections, contract management, and employee scheduling. It delivers real-time data on a cleaning team’s performance to optimize workloading. Route’s estimation tool can even help you avoid underbidding.

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Visualize Your Way to Improved Performance

​Visualizer, the latest addition to CleanTelligent’s Business Intelligence tools, lets users create custom reports and dashboards to visually track their company’s performance metrics. Using client inspections and work orders data, Visualizer can help identify deficiencies or gaps in customer service, which will help increase customer retention. It will also aid in identifying recurring roadblocks to work orders and setting employee performance baselines.

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BD 80/100 Bp Classic auto scrubber

​The battery-operated BD 80/100 Bp Classic auto scrubber is the largest walk-behind floor scrubber in Kärcher’s Classic range. Featuring a simple, operator-friendly design and a 26-gallon tank, the scrubber provides a 32-inch cleaning path. Its powerful traction drive allows for easy maneuverability, even on inclines. Operators can change the scrubber’s brush contact pressure from 88 to 200 pounds to remove heavy dirt.

More Information
Spartan Chemical Co., Inc.

Profect Heathcare Disinfecting Wipes

​Profect Heathcare Disinfecting Wipes from Spartan kill 25 of the most common pathogens in one minute, making them an effective tool for environmental services staff. The disposable wipes clean, disinfect, and deodorize hard, nonporous surfaces. They are ideal for cleaning high-touch surfaces throughout the day and help to eliminate cross contamination during the cleaning process.

 foam soap line
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SC Johnson Professional

Refresh foam soap line

​SC Johnson has reformulated its Refresh foam soap line with one of the mildest preservatives and added skin conditioners, making the soap pleasant on the hands and suitable for all ages. The line is available in a range of new signature fragrances, including fresh apple, enchanted rose, and invigorating citrus with an antimicrobial formulation. The soap also comes in a fragrance- and dye-free formulation.

EVS Cart
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Geerpres, Inc.

Enterprise® EVS Cart

​The Enterprise® EVS Cart from Geerpres has been transformed into an “Acme Creativity Cart” designed to hold modeling clay, colored pencils, sticker books, crayons, and other art supplies for young hospital patients. Featuring a fun design with Looney Tunes cartoon characters, the cart provides a convenient and hygienic method for transporting art supplies, as its rounded interior cabinet corners are easy to clean.

air freshener
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Canberra Corp.

JAWS Professional Ultra Mist system

​An alternative to single-use aerosols, the JAWS Professional Ultra Mist system from Canberra neutralizes odors instead of masking them. Use the mist bottle with concentrated air and fabric odor neutralizers available in three bio-based fragrances: spring rain, cucumber basil, and citrus lavender. The recyclable bottle can be reused each time you need a new bottle of odor neutralizer and is available for private branding.

screen cleaner
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HÄNS Swipe-Clean unit

Remove grime, fingerprints, and germs from device touchscreens with the HÄNS Swipe-Clean unit. One side of the unit applies a cleaning solution, and the other side polishes and dries. The cleaner is safe to use on all device screens including smartphones and tablets. The leak-free unit fits in in purses and backpacks. Each unit lasts for hundreds of swipes and is refillable for thousands more.

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EVOLUTION RX12 Rotary Hard Surface Extraction Tool

​The EVOLUTION RX12 Rotary Hard Surface Extraction Tool from HydraMaster deep cleans tile, stone, and concrete floors. It features an ergonomic, durable roto-molded handle, an easy-access vacuum relief valve on the vacuum hose connection, and corrosion-resistant hardware and fasteners. The tool includes a hard boot and brush ring for smooth or rough surfaces and a hose cuff adapter for use with a portable extractor.

alert light
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Heads Up Lock Co.

Alert Light

​Save people the time and embarrassment of waiting in front of a restroom door with the alert light from Heads Up Lock Co. The LED light is ideal for single-stall restrooms as it uses a red light to signal a restroom is occupied and a green light to signal it is available. The kit comes with everything needed to install the light.

More Information
National Fleet Products

UFO Cloud Lock and Vehicle Security System

​The UFO Cloud Lock and Vehicle Security System from National Fleet Products allows managers to lock and unlock vehicles from a remote location using a phone or computer. Users can monitor who is opening a vehicle door, render a vehicle’s cargo area inaccessible in specific locations, and grant access at designated destination points. A tooltagging feature confirms that tools are onboard.

microrider scrubber
More Information
NSS Enterprises

Champ 2417 RB 24-inch microrider scrubber

NSS Enterprises’ Champ 2417 RB 24-inch microrider scrubber provides a 24-inch cleaning path and scrubs up to 32,100 feet per hour. Its compact design and tight-swinging squeegee allows for maneuverability and lets users pick up water during sharp turns. A single button controls the scrub deck and vacuum motor. The scrubber operates in conservation mode to minimize water flow and chemical use.

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Protective Industrial Products, Inc.

Ambi-dex® WOW™ Grip Disposable Gloves

​The zigzag textured design of Ambi-dex® WOW™ Grip Disposable Gloves channels away oil and detergents for better grip in all conditions. These 8-milliliter thick gloves are resistant against punctures, solvents, and cleaning agents. Ambidextrous for quick and easy donning, they are available in black and orange, as well as in packs of 10, 50, and 100.

dispensing system
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Avmor Ltd.

Set2Clean hand-held chemical dispensing system

Avmor’s Set2Clean portable, hand-held chemical dispensing system connects to most faucets with a 5- or 10-foot hose. There is no need for ongoing system maintenance as the dispensers are 100% recyclable and reusable. The system is compatible with many of Avmor’s cleaning products, allowing workers to safely dispense the proper amount and dilution of cleaning solution each time.

door stop
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Tolco Corp.

Door-Buddy door stop

​The Door-Buddy door stop from Tolco reduces the risk of back strain by making installation easier, as this product doesn’t require the user to bend over. This door stop features a built-in rotator pin that allows it to be placed on half- and three quarter-inch door hinge pins.Small enough to fit in a pocket, the Door-Buddy also clips onto belts so it’s readily available.

cleaning cart
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Filmop USA

OneFred compact double bucket cleaning cart

​The OneFred compact double bucket cleaning cart from Filmop conveniently holds floor maintenance essentials in a 25.5-inch x 15.3-inch frame. Choose from three wringers and two bucket capacities that are interchangeable on the same frame. The cart moves quietly on copolymer wheels and fits on standard full-size cart platforms for transport. A detachable basket holds dusting wipes, gloves, spray bottles, and other tools.

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Health Gards lever-action toilet seat cover dispenser

​With the touch of just one fingertip, the Health Gards® lever-action toilet seat cover dispenser from HOSPECO releases a single, disposable paper cover. The paper releases unfolded and ready to use with no tabs to tear. The dispenser is simple to mount and load, making it easy for facility staff to maintain.

dust barrier
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ZipWall Span Kit.

​Seal a barrier quickly and without tape using the ZipWall Span Kit. This kit contains everything you need to seal a barrier up to 16 feet wide along the ceiling, walls, and floor, or up to 32 feet wide along the ceiling and walls. The barrier sets up in minutes without ladders. The kit is reusable, leaves no damaged surfaces, and comes in a carry bag.

More Information
Sanitaire Commercial 

QUICKBOOST cordless upright vacuum

​Fully charged, the QUICKBOOST cordless upright vacuum from Sanitaire provides 47 minutes of power, then recharges quickly. Lightweight at just 12 pounds, the vacuum features multisurface cleaning capabilities to reach tricky areas and LED-powered night vision to easily spot dirt and debris in dark areas. The vacuum operates quietly at less than 70 A-weighted decibels, allowing users to clean day or night.