Managing Minimum Wage Increases Across State Lines

New hourly pay requirements across the United States have created daunting scenarios for cleaning providers with operations in more than one area

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Coffee spilling on carpet
Anthony Velez

Carpet Spots vs. Stains: Like Oil and Water


The first step to successful spill removal from your carpet is identification; follow these tips to save your carpet.

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Tim Poskin

Improve the Strength and Stability of Your Operation

Facility Management

If you fail to occasionally pan out to look at the big picture, you will miss opportunities to realize efficiencies and correct productivity drains within your organization.



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Ricardo Regalado

Four Steps for Hiring Future Trainers


Creating a process is key for developing top employees and future leaders

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Brad Hoare

Vacuum Features and Settings for the Best Cleaning Results


Follow these steps to determine which setting to use and how to properly set up the vacuum for your specific job.

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Jim Smith

The Absorbent Compound Mystery


Absorbent compound is underutilized and misunderstood; here’s what you should know.

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Dan Ringo

Tips for FM Firms: Working with Organized Labor

Business and Management

Here are several tips to ensure your operation has the management in place to handle a successful union relationship.

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Doug Hoffman

Is Dilution the Answer to Indoor Air Pollution?

Health and Safety

Bringing fresh air into the facility may be the answer to improving indoor air quality. But it also may be harmful.


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The Longest Upright Runtime in the Industry
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The Longest Upright Runtime in the Industry

Cat pumps-April product
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Get More Out of Your Portable Extractor


Products & Services

ProTeam Vaccuum
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Feel Free to Vacuum With Flexibility

Nacecare vacuum
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Latitude With an Attitude

​The bold red color isn’t the only change to the new and improved Latitude 130 vacuum. Its new harness features height adjustment to give users an optimum working position. The mesh backing keeps users cool while the thicker shoulder straps add extra support. At only 15 pounds, the Latitude 130 offers a comfortable, yet effective way to clean.

Tennant Vacuum
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Tennant Co./Orbio

Got Vacuum, Will Travel 

​The user-friendly design of the V-LWU-13 and V-LWU-13B lightweight upright vacuums allows for easy transportation between floors and buildings. Each comes equipped with standard HEPA filtration to help maintain indoor air quality. As sound levels are below 70 dBA, you can clean anytime, anywhere, even in noise-sensitive areas. The V-LWU-13B features a lithium-ion battery with a runtime of up to 50 minutes.

sanitair vac
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Sanitaire Commercial 

Ditch the Cord 

​The QUICKBOOST™ cordless upright vacuum gives you up to 50 minutes of running power, with a 2-hour max recharge time. LED-powered night vision spots dirt and debris in dark areas. At just 12 pounds, this portable vacuum works quietly at less than 70 dBA. It cleans areas conventional vacuums struggle to reach and won’t trip you up with long, tangled cords.

Nilfisk Vac
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An Award-Winning Clean

​The newest of Nilfisk’s offerings, the VP600™ canister vacuum has received both the international Purus Award and the Red Dot award. It offers whisperquiet operation at only 47 dBA on energy-saving mode. Vacuum features include maneuverable caster wheels to eliminate drag, a telescoping wand for ergonomic cleaning, and a unique magnetic lid. The standard three-stage H13 HEPA exhaust filter provides superior air quality.

Hoover vac
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TTI Floor Care/Hoover

Quick and Quiet Power

​Powered by M-PWRTM 40V technology, the HUSHTONE™ cordless upright vacuum helps increase productivity while minimizing the risk of exposed cords. It was found to clean certain office buildings up to five times faster than traditional corded uprights according to an American Institute for Cleaning Services study. Vacuum features include a status indicator panel, 2-speed motor, sealed allergen system, and tool-free assembly and maintenance.

Cordless Vacuum
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Give Vacuuming the Brush-Off

​The LXT® brushless cordless backpack vacuum generates 70 cubic feet per minute of suction power and 44 inches of water lift. Its brushless motor enables the vacuum to run cooler and more efficiently for longer periods. The unit weights only 9.9 pounds and features padded shoulder straps and a waist belt with multiple adjustments. It includes a 39-inch flexible hose and telescoping wand.

Wet or Dry Pickup With Tilt Action
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Pacific Floorcare

Wet or Dry Pickup With Tilt Action

The WDV-18 wet/dry vacuum has a convenient tilt-to-drain feature to easily empty the 18-gallon tank when a floor drain is not available. Its convenient cord wrap on the handle means no more missing cords. A simple lever engages the squeegee head, which features easy-to-change squeegee blades with two usable edges per blade.

Canberra disinfectant
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Canberra Corp.


Two new disinfectants from Canberra remove bacteria, viruses, and fungi from a variety of surfaces. Suitable for hard surfaces such as tile and hardwood floors, Husky 892 Arena Plus Disinfectant kills norovirus, making it ideal for hospitals, schools, and hotels. Husky 824 Quick Care Disinfectant is a four-in-one product that cleans, disinfects, sanitizes, and deodorizes both hard and soft porous surfaces.

Spartan Chemical Cleaner
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Spartan Chemical Co., Inc.


Spray and wipe stains and spills quickly and easily with Xcelente® Multi-Purpose Cleaner. The aerosol cleaner is safe for any surface not harmed by water. It provides a shiny, streak-free finish on glass, metals, plastics, and painted surfaces while delivering a fresh lavender fragrance. The cleaner’s gentle formula does not require users to wear gloves.

3M Mop System
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3M Commercial Solutions Division

Mop System

The Scotch-Brite Professional 2-in-1-Flat Mop system improves user safety with various ergonomic features including telescoping poles, soft handles, and rotating grips and triggers that can be used in four hand configurations to reduce fatigue and repetitive strain on wrists and shoulders. It’s interchangeable components easily convert from a bottle to a backpack dispensing system that efficiently dusts, wet mops, and applies floor finish.

Cintas Mat
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Blades of various heights on the Active Scraper® Floor Mat from Cintas scrape particles and grime off shoes, keeping floors clean and dry. The blade pattern will work no matter which way visitors walk on it, enabling it to face any direction. The mat features deep channels and drainage holes that hold accumulated dirt and moisture, making it ideal for outdoor entranceways.

Rubbermaid mop
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The Scrubbing Wet Mop from Rubbermaid features an integrated headband that removes stuck-on messes without the use of a separate tool. The headband comes in various sizes and colors and is compatible with side-loading and clamp-style handles. It is double-sided and will scrub without scratching a variety of floors, including laminate, linoleum, vinyl, and hardwood.

Kaivac Battery Report Kit
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Kaivac, Inc.

Battery Retrofit Kit

Kaivac’s OmniFlex Retrofit Kit easily transforms corded vacuums to lightweight, battery-operated units in seconds. It contains a lithium-ion battery with little to no self-discharge, allowing it to be stored for long periods without losing battery life. Other intelligent features include overcharge protection, automatic shutdown, and an easy-to-read gauge. The kit is compatible with Kaivac’s OmniFlex AutoVac or Dispense-and-Vac cleaning system.