Innovation in Building Infrastructure

Advancements in building architecture and design may impact your facility maintenance and cleaning operations

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employee reading handbook
Erin Brereton

Employee Handbook 101

Business and Management

An employee handbook can be a valuable asset, providing protection for both employees and their organizations. Here are basic principles and policies you will want to make sure to include.

kids running out of school
Tim Poskin

Adjusting for Seasonal Schedules

Facility Management

Times have changed. Campus operations have innovated to make room for a growing number of summertime activities to fill otherwise empty buildings. How do you staff accordingly?



mouse curled up in hay

Battle of the Breeding Ground

Facility Management

This article, provided courtesy of IEHA, a division of ISSA, showcases how one university got to the source of their pest control challenges.

worker power washing outside concrete
Nate Abrahams

Blast Away Entranceway Dirt


Regularly scheduling power washings on the sidewalks and patios outside your building will help keep people from tracking dirt inside your building.

couple on date asking questions over a table
Michael Wilson

Win New Customers by Asking Questions

Business and Management

Asking questions is a crucial part of consultative selling. Here's how asking the right ones can help you land the contract.

container for needles and other hazardous wastes
Jess Baidwan

Handling Hazardous Waste: The Danger of Sharps

Infection Control

Although emptying trash seems like a simple enough task, it can become dangerous when a staff member is stuck by a needle or other sharp hidden among the garbage. Here are several ways to protect your staff



office buildings against blue sky
Kelly Zimmerman

Making Sense of All This Sensor Talk

Technology and Trends

chalkboard with arrows
Judy Gillies

Change Management Is Key for New Contract Startups

Business and Management

When a building service contractor begins working on a new contract for a facility manager, these key factors will help develop a strong relationship between the two entities.

a sustainable building
Stephen Ashkin

West Coast Takes the Lead on Sustainable Buildings

Technology and Trends

Since the 1960s, California has been the trendsetter in the environmental arena. Today, it's taking steps to become the world's first major economy to abandon the use of fossil fuels as a primary source of energy for buildings.


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Diaper changing table
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Replacement Parts from Koala Kare

No-touch cleaning system
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New Supersized No-Touch Cleaning® System Now Available


Products & Services

Wands and attachments for vacuums
More Information
ProTeam, Inc.

Reach New Heights in Cleaning

High Dusting Kits from ProTeam offer wands and attachments in four different configurations. Straight friction fit wands create an additional 10–12 feet of reach. The ProBlade® Hard Surface Tool cleans air return vents, ceiling tiles, and ledges. Curved wands with 45- and 135-degree bends reach locker tops, shelving, light fixtures, and ceiling fans. Pipe cleaning tools dust overhead ducts and exposed pipes.

Wet and dry vacuum
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Clean Up Wet or Dry Messes

Kärcher’s high-performing NT wet and dry vacuums feature a patented triggered airdraft cleaning technology system (TACT) that cleans the flat pleated filter of the vacuum through a reversal of the air flow. The vacuums have HEPA filtration and are OSHA-compliant for silica dust mitigation. Container capacities range from 8.2 to 13.5 gallons and all models have an air flow rate of 150 cubic feet per minute.

Cordless vacuum
More Information
Makita U.S.A., Inc.

Push a Button for Easy Cleaning

The 18V LXT® Cordless Vacuum from Makita has a new on-off button which means no more holding down the trigger. The vacuum generates an air flow rate of 35 cubic feet per minute and a water lift of 16 inches. It runs for 60 minutes using an 18V 5.0Ah battery. The LXT accepts disposable paper or cloth bags and can be used as a hand-vac.

Battery backpack vacuum
More Information
Tennant Co.

Vacuuming Is a Hike in the Woods

Tennant’s V-BP-6P battery backpack vacuum is designed with a hiking harness to ensure user comfort and mobility while eliminating fatigue and muscle strain. The harness adjusts to operator height and features an anatomically cut hip belt, stabilizer straps for exact positioning, and breathable mesh. The vacuum runs for 55 minutes on one battery, which is easily interchangeable and charges in 2.5 hours.

Upright vacuum
More Information

One Vacuum, Multiple Bags

Endurance upright vacuums from Koblenz allow for versatile cleaning with multiple interchangeable bags available for each machine, such as dump bags and dust cup bags. These lightweight vacuums are 11.6 to 13.2 pounds, yet feature powerful 7.0-amp motors. Users can easily access the belt, brush roll, and fan chamber without tools. The vacuums are available with 12-inch and 16-inch cleaning paths.

Battery-powered vacuums
More Information
NaceCare Solutions

North or South, Vacuum at the Correct Latitude

The Latitude™ series of battery-powered vacuums from NaceCare have been redesigned with two-speed motors that provide extra power without adding weight, compromising filtration, or increasing noise levels. The backpack weighs 15 pounds and runs up to 75 minutes. The NBV 180 and NBV 220 both run up to 45 minutes and the NBV 220 features a built-in cart. All units are quiet at 45 A-weighted decibels.

Battery backpack vacuum
More Information
Nilfisk, Inc.

Give Your Vacuuming a Boost

The Nilfisk GD 5 battery backpack vacuum features a boost function for added suction power. Powered by a lithium ion battery that fully recharges in 40 minutes, the vacuum delivers up to 60 minutes of runtime. Its low sound pressure of 60 A-weighted decibels makes it ideal for cost-effective daytime cleaning in light industrial settings. HEPA filtration is available.

Upright vacuum
More Information

Eliminate Allergens Quietly

Sanitaire’s EON™ ALLERGEN upright vacuum is certified asthma and allergy friendly® by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and has a CRI Gold Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute. It features a sealed HEPA filtration system and washable HEPA filter. The vacuum operates at 68 A-weighted decibels, so businesses can keep their energy costs down while maintaining their LEED certifications.

17-inch water cooler in break room
More Information
Oasis International

Water Cooler

At less than 17 inches high, the Aquarius Counter Top water cooler from Oasis International fits under kitchen cabinets in break rooms, cafeterias, or corporate kitchens. It dispenses hot, cold, and room temperature water from a single dispense point and can connect to a filtration system. An 11-inch dispense height allows for easy refilling of reusable bottles.

Liner bags for menstrual product disposal bins
More Information

Liner Bags

Hospeco’s Scensibles® SecureFit360® polypropylene liner bags have extra-long plastic straps that tuck around the outside of menstrual product disposal bins. Simply pull the strap up and away from the bin and it turns into a handle for lifting the liner out. Janitors never need to place their hands inside the bin. The strap doubles as a tie for sealing the liner shut.

Bottle of room spray
More Information
Earth Friendly Products

Room Spray

ECOSBreeze™ room sprays from Earth Friendly Products are a safer way to scent rooms. The pH-balanced sprays are free of formaldehyde and dyes, made with plant-based ingredients, biodegradable, packaged in recyclable bottles, and never tested on animals. They are available in five scents: magnolia and lily, bamboo lemon, lavender vanilla, parsley, and honeydew. Each bottle provides 840 sprays.

Man holding floor pad
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3M Commercial Solutions Division

Floor Pad

3M’s updated Scotch-Brite™ Surface Preparation Pad Plus removes the top two layers of floor finish with just soap and water. The pad now has open fiber construction, which lessens clogging and reduces the need for workers to remove the pad from the scrubber and rinse it during use. Its increased thickness, from 0.4 inches to 0.8 inches, eliminates the need for a backer pad.

Rotary carpet extractor
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Carpet Extractor

The RX30 NEXTGEN rotary extractor has an ergonomically enhanced and redesigned handle for operator comfort. An on-board crevice tools allows operators to vacuum to the edges and corners, and a site tube on the tool allows operators to see extracted water and soil. The extractor also features a switch to sustain head rotation and allow left hand operation, as well as a no-slip handle-locking mechanism.

Floor sealer
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Avmor Ltd.

Floor Sealer

Avmor’s EP80 multi-use floor coating is a green-certified, no-zinc floor finish. It provides a smooth and colorless coating to floors in minutes. EP80 is ideal for quarry tile, sheet vinyl, or linoleum floors that need protection from scuff marks, soils, moisture, and debris. The sealer leaves a glossy finish and is certified slip-resistant by Underwriters Laboratories.

Taski Aero tub vaccum
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Diversey’s TASKI AERO line of tub vacuums are ultrasilent, delivering efficient cleaning at a peak noise of 66 decibels. The vacuums feature integrated cable winding and full dust bag indicators. They can operate in eco mode, allowing noise emission to fall below 53 decibels and energy consumption to decrease by 50 percent to 300 watts. Ideal for daytime or nighttime cleaning, AERO vacuums have a compact, ergonomic design.

Microfiber dust mop head
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Nexstep Commercial Products


The MaxiTwist® microfiber dust mop from Nexstep features a loop-end, 100 percent microfiber surface. The mop is available in 24-, 36-, 48-, and 60-inch lengths, each with a slip-on slot pocket to secure it to a standard 5-inch frame. Washable and quick-drying, the mop provides lint-free dusting.

Screen shot of restroom-finder app
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Cintas Corp.

Mobile App

Cintas has launched a free, mobile restroom-finder app, “Got to Go,” that allows users to locate public restrooms and rate their cleanliness. Users can choose a map or a list showing nearby restrooms. Top-rated, clean restrooms are indicated in green, and low-rated, dirty restrooms are indicated in yellow. The app is available for download in the iPhone App Store or Android’s Google Play.

Mini crane near doorway
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Microcranes, Inc.


The M1 Global Model Microcrane® mini crane from Microcranes lifts equipment indoors, outdoors, and on roof tops. The portable crane fits through 36-inch doorways, narrow aisles, and inside elevators, yet expands to boom up to 22-feet. Its safety features include an upper limit switch, rear- and front-wheel brakes, and dual stop points on the boom. The eco-friendly crane is powered by battery or electricity.

No-touch cleaning system
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Cleaning System

The KaiVac 2750 No-Touch cleaning system applies chemicals and power sprays fresh water with a 300-pound-per-square-inch pump. With its long-range vacuum hose and 27-gallon fresh water tank, it's ideal for cleaning large facilities, such as universities, airports, stadiums, and convention centers. The system includes a squeegee head with grout and floor brush and a lightweight aluminum vacuum wand. It ships preassembled.

Container of disinfectant
More Information
Bioesque Solutions


Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant Solution disinfects, sanitizes, cleans, and deodorizes in one step. It’s ideal for everyday use on a variety of surfaces—including floors, walls, toilet seats, windows, and appliances—and safe to use on water-damaged areas. The disinfectant cleans with a botanically derived active ingredient and is free of chlorine and phosphates. It leaves a pleasant lemongrass and grapefruit scent.