Innovation in Building Infrastructure

Advancements in building architecture and design may impact your facility maintenance and cleaning operations

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employee reading handbook
Erin Brereton

Employee Handbook 101

Business and Management

An employee handbook can be a valuable asset, providing protection for both employees and their organizations. Here are basic principles and policies you will want to make sure to include.

kids running out of school
Tim Poskin

Adjusting for Seasonal Schedules

Facility Management

Times have changed. Campus operations have innovated to make room for a growing number of summertime activities to fill otherwise empty buildings. How do you staff accordingly?



mouse curled up in hay
Don Ramsey

Battle of the Breeding Ground

Facility Management

This article, provided courtesy of IEHA, a division of ISSA, showcases how one university got to the source of their pest control challenges.

worker power washing outside concrete
Nate Abrahams

Blast Away Entranceway Dirt


Regularly scheduling power washings on the sidewalks and patios outside your building will help keep people from tracking dirt inside your building.

couple on date asking questions over a table
Michael Wilson

Win New Customers by Asking Questions

Business and Management

Asking questions is a crucial part of consultative selling. Here's how asking the right ones can help you land the contract.

container for needles and other hazardous wastes
Jess Baidwan

Handling Hazardous Waste: The Danger of Sharps

Infection Control

Although emptying trash seems like a simple enough task, it can become dangerous when a staff member is stuck by a needle or other sharp hidden among the garbage. Here are several ways to protect your staff



office buildings against blue sky
Kelly Zimmerman

Making Sense of All This Sensor Talk

Technology and Trends

chalkboard with arrows
Judy Gillies

Change Management Is Key for New Contract Startups

Business and Management

When a building service contractor begins working on a new contract for a facility manager, these key factors will help develop a strong relationship between the two entities.

a sustainable building
Stephen Ashkin

West Coast Takes the Lead on Sustainable Buildings

Technology and Trends

Since the 1960s, California has been the trendsetter in the environmental arena. Today, it's taking steps to become the world's first major economy to abandon the use of fossil fuels as a primary source of energy for buildings.


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