WizKid Products Making the World a Cleaner, Better-Smelling Place

WizKid Products Making the World a Cleaner, Better-Smelling Place

ISSA Exhibitor Booth 577

WizKid Products began from the desire of two men who were tired of the mess that lived around the urinal and saw an opportunity to make a difference. Since then our organization has aimed to make the world a cleaner better-smelling place by looking at situations from every perspective to find solutions to common facility problems. Today we have developed product lines that keep a facility cleaner in between cleanings with a focus on moisture control and odor management.


Our antimicrobial matting division offers solutions to protect floors from puddles, odors, and stains. All of our mats feature an industry-leading 30-day antimicrobial treatment killing 90% of the microbes that cause odor in under six hours. Independently tested, no other mat provider in the industry can boast that level of kill rate. The carpet-like touch and feel of the mats are a step above other mats in their presentation.

Restroom Mats

The Original Cut Mat, designed to be placed under a urinal to catch the moisture that escapes, is where it all began. This product line has grown to include a diamond-cut urinal mat, two styles for around a toilet, and mats for floor-mount urinals. The high-quality rubber backing keeps these mats in place and are ADA compliant.

All-Purpose Mats

We know moisture-management is a concern in all areas of a facility, not just in a restroom, hence we developed a line of all-purpose mats to address those needs.

The Sink Mat and the Spill Mat are two styles of our rubber-backed, antimicrobial mats for use in other areas of a facility where moisture may be collecting.

The NEWEST MAT in our product line is the 25’ Runner Mat, featuring an acrylic-based tacky backing. This cut-to-length runner is easily repositioned and releases cleanly from the floor without leaving a sticky residue. Additionally, it is manufactured with a moisture barrier to keep floors dry and stain-free.


The Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screen line was developed with the thought, “no man wants to stand in another man’s pee.” We offer the only vertical urinal screen on the market that stops splash where guys actually aim. The hedgehog-like spines dramatically reduce splashback and the embedded enzymatic keep drains clear from build-up. These screens come in two styles, the Splash Hog and the Mini Splash Hog.

The Splash Hog is designed for use in a full-size wall-mount urinal and deodorizes a restroom for up to 60 days. The BRAND NEW Mini Splash Hog has a 45-day fragrance load and is packed full of features to be highly effective in a compact urinal.

Learn more at and stop by and see our products in action at the 2019 ISSA show, Booth 577.


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WizKid Products Making the World a Cleaner, Better-Smelling Place
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