Upkeeping Your Floor Care Equipment: Extractors

Add these five items to your floor care equipment maintenance checklist

Because extractors apply water to carpets, they require some special routine maintenance. Here are five tips for keeping them running without a hitch.

  1. Keep water lines and tanks free of chemicals and hard water. Inspect tanks and water lines for cracks or leaks daily. Clean them immediately after use.
  2. Inspect nozzles and wands. Inspect wands before use to make sure there are no dents or cracks in the head that contacts the carpet. Make sure the tips of the sprayer are free of debris and mineral buildup.
  3. Check for leaks. Ensure hose connections are not leaking and there are no tears or cracks in the suction or solution hoses. Look for and clear obstructions in the hoses. Clean the hoses and hose connections after each use.
  4. Inspect parts for wear and tear. Check the brushroll periodically for damage and excessive debris. Check the wheels, tanks, cord connection, and switches for wear and tear, as well.
  5. Vet your power source. Ensure you use the proper power and gauge cord for the machine as specified in the owner's manual. If using a heated extractor, you may need to use a separate circuit.

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Dalvin Green

Product Manager for Sanitaire®

Dalvin Green is product manager for Sanitaire®. He can be reached at

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Upkeeping Your Floor Care Equipment: Extractors
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