Universities Share Successes on Their Journey to Zero Waste

A look at how three different campuses compost, reuse, and recycle

Building at University of Texas at Austin

Image courtesy of University of Austin at Texas

Universities are learning spaces where tomorrow’s leaders gather to share ideas about solving the world’s problems, sometimes over a takeout pizza. Ironically, that takeout pizza box is symbolic of a world problem many universities are stepping up to help solve—the overabundance of garbage heading to landfills from campus dumpsters.

From figuring out where most of their garbage originates to finding a solution for disposing of it, university staff and students have been at the forefront of new waste initiatives. Read about the challenges and successes three universities have encountered on their path to zero waste:

Kathleen Misovic

Kathleen Misovic

Associate Editor for CMM

Kathleen Misovic is associate editor for CMM. She can be reached at

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Universities Share Successes on Their Journey to Zero Waste
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