Things to Know About Square Scrub

Square Scrub


Our equipment is truly American made. Yes, even our motor is American made. We focus 100% of our efforts on providing the best square cornered orbital machine we can.


Square Scrub began seven years ago to fill a need in the market for a tough durable floor machine with real muscle. The original EGB-20 was a low rpm machine only spinning at 1,725 rpm. We quickly realized that the faster we could spin our base plate, the faster we got the work done. With twice the motor speed at 3,450 rpm, our customers can now get jobs done in half the time.

Getting all that speed and energy into contact with the floor created some new issues. To better understand how our changes impacted the durability of our design, we engineered a testing device that allows us to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our testing equipment allows us to test in dry conditions and in wet tanks with chemical strippers. Our wet tanks allow us to run deep in stripper chemical solution for hours to test durability. It also allows us to quickly determine if a change is truly an improvement.

Square Scrub now offers machines in four sizes: 9-, 18-, 20-, and 28-inch. Our newest size, the EBG-9 or Doodle Scrub as we love to call it, offers some real muscle in a very small package. Weighing 22 pounds and 4,100 rpm, Doodle Scrub provides some very powerful results in difficult to reach areas: behind commodes, in corners, under counters, on stairs. The Doodle Scrub is easy to control and maneuver with a simple, yet intuitive handle design. Doodle Scrub mainly focuses on harsh wet environments, but it is also at home in dry conditions using dry finish removal pads like our SQP.

In 2013, we introduced an isolated handle for our 18-, 20-, and 28-inch machines. This rubber mounted handle reduces user fatigue when the machine is operated for extended periods of time. Perceived vibration is well below the very strict European requirements.

No one likes their work disrupted because the circuit breaker in the building just popped. Our motor and design are very energy efficient. We don’t waste power on oversized isolators or bulky power robbing designs. Our motor and mechanical designs run, for many of our customers, every day at 255 pounds. Even at this very capable weight, we are using a meager 10.8 amps of power.

We are pushing the limits to be better every day. Keep an eye on Square Scrub. We expect to have another great addition to our family at ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2016 this year in Chicago. See us at booth number 4264.

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Posted On April 21, 2016
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Things to Know About Square Scrub
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