​The Right Answer to Restaurants’ Food Labeling Needs

Imagine, for a moment, a back-of-house automation solution that addresses everything from labeling to training and that can be accessed most anywhere in the world.

Imagine that this solution is a cloud-based application, designed for use in restaurants, convenience stores and grab-and-go outlets, as well as in noncommercial kitchens, such as those in schools and universities.

Now imagine that it is available for a one-time cost, with no hidden fees and ROI in as little as one month.

Imagine no longer: DayMark Safety Systems’ MenuPilot™ kitchen automation platform is revolutionizing the way that food service establishments operate.

MenuPilot takes flight

“MenuPilot boasts enhanced communication,” says Jill Carte, director of product development at DayMark. “Shelf life, nutritional facts, allergens and prep data are stored in the cloud and accessible anytime, anywhere, so food service workers can share procedures.”

“This also allows for quick and easy food labeling,” Carte adds.

The MenuPilot app receives information directly from the MenuCommand web portal—a centralized management portal specifically designed for menu data, training materials and other information critical to the operation of a food service organization—allowing it to be shared with other foodservice operators around the globe.

Information that can be communicated through the system includes real-time updates regarding menu changes and new compliance regulations, as well as training videos and recipe cards that provide consistent and thorough staff training.

Labeling for every occasion

MenuPilot’s accompanying Matt85™ hardware bundle includes an Android tablet that is designed to work seamlessly with a Bluetooth-enabled label printer. Together, they facilitate on-demand production of a multitude of food labels, including:

  • Shelf life and food rotation labels. MenuPilot stores food prep information that is transferred to the Matt85 tablet allowing for easy, efficient label printing. This, in turn, ensures that proper food rotation procedures are being followed by kitchen staff.
  • Grab and go product labels. Consumers are constantly on the move—and on-the-go meals have become a necessity. The Matt85 is capable of printing complex grab and go labels that include features such as nutritional information, branded content and even custom die cut shapes for an added measure of brand identity.
  • Food delivery labels. Foodservice establishments across the board, if not already using them, are at least considering the idea of third-party food delivery services. TamperSeal labeling, exclusively from DayMark, is a tamper-evident solution that securely adheres to most any packaging material and provides a clear indication if delivered food has been compromised.



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​The Right Answer to Restaurants’ Food Labeling Needs
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