The Magic of Scent Made Simple

Vectair SensaMist

The new SensaMist™ S80 Scent Diffuser is an ideal fragrance alternative to aerosols. Utilizing Advanced Atomizer Technology, the fully programmable, wall mounted battery scent diffuser creates a fine mist of fragrance leaving areas such as restrooms, smelling glorious with 15 different fragrance options to choose from and a library of bespoke fragrances available too.

Each fragrance is VOC exempt and all fragrances contain Airadicate™ malodor counteractant and odor neutralizer. Part of a range consisting of 7 scent diffusers for small to large areas and battery to powered systems, the SensaMist™ S80 is easy to set up, service and making it an easy choice for facilities to use as part of their “user experience.” It’s the magic of scent made simple.

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The Magic of Scent Made Simple
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