Power to Get The Job Done

Power to Get The Job Done

From maintenance backlogs and balancing maintenance budgets, to limited staff, lack of time to complete work and increasing environmental regulations, the last thing you need to worry about is the performance of the battery in your floor machines. At Trojan Battery we understand the challenges you face and that is why for close to 100 years we have focused our experience and expertise in deepcycle technology on manufacturing the highest quality batteries available in the industry. If there’s one thing we have learned over the years, it’s that a truly outstanding battery must provide rugged durability, long life, and consistent performance day after day. As the world’s leading supplier of deep-cycle batteries, we understand the importance of these performance features for your daily operations. That is why we offer the broadest portfolio of high-quality flooded, AGM, gel and lithium-ion battery products available for floor machine applications. No matter what technology you require, Trojan batteries will not let you down.

Trillium™, Trojan’s latest offering of intelligent lithium batteries feature more run-time, longer life and deliver peace of mind. Trillium is designed and engineered in the USA and is available in 3 popular sizes that can be used in a variety of applications in floor cleaning. From its superior cell and battery design to its intelligent, built-in diagnostics, Trillium offers a range of advanced safety, environmental and electronic features not found in competitive products. With life expectancy over 5,000 cycles, Trillium will deliver outstanding return on investment over time.

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Power to Get The Job Done
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