IPC Eagle — the Leading Manufacturer in Compact Scrubbers

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IPC Eagle is the leading manufacturer in the fastest growing segment in the industry: compact scrubbers.

Reasons facilities are replacing their mops for scrubbers are:

  • Labor and cost reductions: automatic compact scrubbers can clean 8-10x faster than traditional mops.
  • Fit into tight spaces: compact scrubbers can fit into aisles, entryways, hallways, and even under tables and chairs.
  • More effective cleaning: Dirty mops contaminate the water after the first rinse, causing the mop to spread dirty water around, and picking up only 35% of the dirt. Compact scrubbers, however, use an even flow of clean water at a high pressure, cleaning up 95% of the dirt.
  • Slip and fall prevention: compact scrubbers instantly dry the floor, preventing any slips and falls.

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IPC Eagle — the Leading Manufacturer in Compact Scrubbers
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