Infection Control e-Newsletter: Spring 2013


Volume 2 l Spring 2013


  Top Five Things To Consider In Infection Control Are you looking in the right places to prevent disease outbreaks in your facility? [more]
  Video: Touch point cleaning Learn all you need to know about touch point cleaning with the help of CMM and the Cleaning Management Institute (CMI). [more]
  Claiming Victory At The End Of The Flu Season Steadfast cleaning and disinfection can help you come out on top when battling formidable foes like the influenza virus. [more]
  Tips For Preventing Superbugs From hospitals to long-term care facilities, healthcare professionals are finding that healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are becoming more resistant and harder to kill. [more]
  Encouraging Hand Hygiene To Discourage Germs When promoting handwashing and hand hygiene, product choices can be the deciding factor in the battle against workplace illness. [more]
  Tips To Fight HAIs In Any Facility While traditionally found in healthcare settings, superbugs aren't a problem exclusive to medical facilities, nor should they be treated that way. [more]
  Becoming A Certified Germ Killer Having the right tools, the proper equipment and ample desire is not enough when lives are on the line; thorough training and continued education are major factors in the infection control equation. [more]
  Infection Control Q&A: How long do germs live on surfaces after being exposed to the air? How long do germs live on surfaces after being exposed to the air? [more]


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  Infection Control In The News Recent news articles and press releases highlighting infection control practices around the industry.


Posted On May 8, 2013

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Infection Control e-Newsletter: Spring 2013
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