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In Focus August 2015

Sealed Air Diversey Care: Disinfectant


Sealed Air Diversey Care’s Oxivir Five 16 Concentrate is a onestep, hospital-grade disinfectant cleaner based on proprietary Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP®) technology. The product disinfects in five seconds at 1:16 dilution, and serves as a virucide, bactericide, fungicide, mildewcide, and nonfood contact sanitizer. Additionally, Oxivir Five 16 kills MRSA, norovirus, and canine parvovirus, and meets bloodborne pathogen standards for decontaminating blood and bodily fluids.

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Clorox Professional Products Co.: Disinfecting Wipes

Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes from Clorox Professional Products Co. are EPA-registered to kill 99.9 percent of germs in commercial environments. The wipes come in 700-count economical packs and feature nine new EPA-registered disinfecting claims (for pet dander, dust-mite matter, and pollen particles), 12 new allergen-removal claims, and 10-second sanitation time.

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EarthCare Corp.: Disinfectant

EarthCare Corp.’s EarthCare Essential Oils Disinfectant utilizes a plant-based formula that includes thyme-based active ingredients and other essential oils to clean, disinfect, and deodorize. This one-step product is EPA-registered, has no GHS warnings, and does not require users to employ personal protective equipment (PPE) when using it.

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Posted On August 11, 2015

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