ICAN/ATEX: How should I bid on an apartment complex?

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My husband and I own and operate a cleaning business and we are bidding on a 6 building apartment complex.

The cleaning consists of vacuuming (upright vacuum) the hallways as well as cleaning the windows (inside) and cleaning the office 5 days a week.

We do not have any employees.

Not exactly sure of the square footage. Can you help me with an idea of how much to bid?

Friday’s Answer:

Your first step is to measure the areas you are going to clean, choose the vacuum you will use, and put a time down for your work.

Time out a known area if you must.

Do the same with any other tasks you will do.

Now, determine an hourly charge for your services and add in insurance, overhead, profit, and any other expenses this job will create.

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Posted On November 15, 2013
Lynn Krafft

Lynn Krafft


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ICAN/ATEX: How should I bid on an apartment complex?
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