Harvard Maintenance Cleans for Health and Wellness

Harvard Maintenance Cleans for Health and Wellness

Harvard Maintenance is one of the largest and fastest growing providers of facility maintenance and management services in the United States. With offices in 10 states, their staff maintains roughly 320 million square feet of space on a daily basis. Instead of cleaning for appearance alone, Harvard focuses on Cleaning for Wellness with carefully chosen tools and methods, including ProTeam® backpack vacuums.

“Wellness is the why we clean,” said Jason Lee, Director of Sustainability and Process Optimization. “We clean a building without harming the environment, our employees, or the building occupants. It’s more than product selection; it’s the processes, the technology, and the equipment.”

In September of 2017, the company’s efforts were recognized with the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) Cleaning for Health Award, sponsored by ProTeam. Cleaning for Health is defined as “a cleaning regimen that helps dramatically reduce the levels of allergens and asthma triggers in the indoor environment.”

A panel of five independent judges chose Harvard for their policies, procedures, and training that emphasizes the impact on the health of building occupants and staff.

“Harvard is extremely well regarded in their industry, even by their competitors,” said Jeff Stone, ProTeam National Sales Manager. “Their commitment to their employees and Cleaning for Wellness ties in very well to what the Cleaning for Health Award is all about.”

Three decades ago, ProTeam was founded on the principle of Cleaning for Health when the company introduced the first lightweight backpack vacuum.

ProTeam backpacks feature advanced ProLevel Filtration® systems that capture many allergens and asthma triggers. Thisresults in less airborne and surface dust and healthier indoor air.

As part of their informed buying decision protocol, Harvard chose ProTeam vacuums not only to improve health of the indoor environment, but also for their ergonomic and durable design. When fitted properly, the backpack vacuums require less energy and effort to clean the same space as an upright vacuum. With regular maintenance, backpacks last for many years, reducing the number of units that end up in landfills.

“Of all the vacuum manufacturers out there, ProTeam has the largest selection of Carpet and Rug Institute-certified products,” said Lee. “Recently, we have been migrating our inventory towards the 6-quart Super Coach Pro®, which is comfortable for workers of smaller stature, and to the QuietPro® for it’s low-decibel operation.”

Harvard makes decisions according to Harvard’s Inverted Pyramid, which emphasizes one of their core values of People First. They especially prioritize the needs of their 9,000 employees, so those employees can reliably deliver excellent service on a consistent basis.

The Harvard organization has certifications from five different organizations, including ISSA CIMS and Green Seal, along with recognition of methods by Underwriter’s Laboratories Green-Guard Gold program.


Posted On April 25, 2018
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Harvard Maintenance Cleans for Health and Wellness
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