GOFER First Aid Kits “Stop the Bleeding”

GOFER First Aid Kits “Stop the Bleeding”

Managing a fleet of floor machines certainly has its challenges. It’s crucial to keep your entire fleet operational at all times, because idle equipment does not make money. Having a downed machine is stressful, and placing a service call can be quite costly—even for something as minor as a missing key.

Like the first aid kit that you keep at home for emergencies, the Gofer First Aid Kit (FAK) is the simplest way to keep commonly replaced parts conveniently at hand. Many routine tasks require little to no tools or technical skills, and will keep your machines running at peak performance.

Fully Illustrated & Easy to Use
Each standard Gofer FAK is designed to meet the specifications of your particular equipment’s machine make and model, and each kit contains high mortality parts such as hoses, squeegees, spare keys, pad holders, and more. A laminated card contains a chart displaying a photo of each item, along with its part number. Numbered arrows designate the location of each item as it is installed on the equipment.

Flip the card over, and you’ll find a step-by-step guide to best practices for before and after use, to help you get the most out of your equipment. Each step has its own unique QR code. Scan the code with any mobile device, and it will load a how-to video.

Customizable to Meet the Needs of Your Business
Gofer FAKs are customizable—parts can added or removed upon request, based on the user’s skills or comfort level. Add a vac motor, switches or a valve to create a customized “Pro Kit” for the advanced user. The contents of a Gofer FAK are bagged in heat sealed poly, individually labeled and clearly marked with machine fit. This ensures the correct part is clean, easily identifiable, and ready to use when needed.

Save Money & Increase Profits
Gofer First Aid Kits are designed to keep your equipment running and reduce costs. If a typical service technician charges $150–$200 to replace the squeegee blades on an auto scrubber, a Gofer FAK could easily save you hundreds of dollars, by avoiding just one service call.

Find FAKs for all the most popular scrubbers and propane burnishers. Gofer First Aid Kits add tremendous value to your facility maintenance or service program. You’ll enjoy peace of mind, and enjoy immediate savings on service costs and travel expenses. Keep one on site or in your van—either way, you’re sure to see a dramatic increase in profits.

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Posted On October 4, 2018

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GOFER First Aid Kits “Stop the Bleeding”
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