Four New High Dusting Kits from ProTeam

Vacuum attachments for high dusting

ProTeam® introduces four new High Dusting Kits that bring many above-the-floor areas within the cleaner’s reach for safe and efficient cleaning. Three-piece straight friction fit wands create an additional 10-12 feet of reach. The ProBlade® Hard Surface Tool creates superior suction to clean air return vents, ceiling tiles, ledges, and more. Two curved wands with 45-degree and 135-degree bends reach the tops of lockers, shelving, light fixtures, and ceiling fans. Pipe cleaning tools clean overhead ducts and exposed pipes between one and eight inches in diameter.

All together, the new High Dusting Kits give cleaners the versatility to tackle many difficult above-the-floor cleaning challenges on a routine basis.

Posted On April 25, 2018
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Four New High Dusting Kits from ProTeam
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