Ergonomic Study Indicates Unger Excella Helps Keep Cleaners Safe

Ergonomic Study Indicates Unger Excella Helps Keep Cleaners Safe

Keeping cleaners safe is one of the top priorities of facility management teams everywhere. Forty percent of cleaners complain of persistent pain, resulting in absenteeism and extra costs. Cleaners fall victim to repetitive use injuries, preventing them from being able to complete cleaning tasks. Carrying buckets, frequent twisting, bending and lifting heavy objects make the job of cleaners physically demanding. The ergonomic design of cleaning tools helps keep cleaners safe, long term. Investing in the health of your employees pays off.

Strain on shoulders, back, arms, and wrists are all everyday occurrences in the life of a cleaner. How much these affect you and your risks for developing chronic musculoskeletal injuries can be influenced by your choice of cleaning equipment. The University of Siegen addressed this very topic in a scientific study on the ergonomic quality of floor cleaning systems. After a thorough evaluation of the results, the Unger Excella™ emerged as the clear winner!

In July 2018, Unger, in cooperation with the University of Siegen conducted and published a review of the ergonomic quality of three floor cleaning systems. The study was conducted to analyze human movement during the cleaning process and understand the muscular strain on the hand-arm-shoulder system, caused by each cleaning system.

During the study, 40 cleaners tested various floor mopping systems for four hours each. The participants cleaned large surfaces several times with a figure-eight pattern, to simulate the repetitive movement while digital measurements were taken to measure strain on the cleaner. Before and after the study, the test persons responded to questionnaires to evaluate their subjective experiences with the cleaning systems.


  • The study proved that Unger Excella™ was number one in the user test- 77.5% of participants preferred Unger Excella™
  • The height adjustable telescopic pole provided ergonomic benefit to study participants, reducing strain on the cleaners
  • Design of the S-shaped, rotating handle significantly reduced wrist motion
  • Minimal effort was required to move the Unger Excella™ across the floor

Participants in the study preferred Unger Excella™ because of the ergonomic attributes, including intuitive S-telescopic handle and the innovative bottle on board system.

The Unger Excella™ combines dual-swivel handles and a self-guiding S-curve pole, providing a moping system that is “self-steering.” The system is the first one available that includes both a height adjustable pole and the ability to dispense liquid from the bottle on board. This combination of features provides dramatically faster cleaning with less strain, stress and effort than any other mop currently available.

The Unger Excella™ is suitable for use on all hard floor surfaces for spot mopping, wet mopping, dusting and floor finishing applications. The .5L bottle, 1L bottle and 5L backpack options allows facility managers and building service contractors to scale floor cleaning.

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Ergonomic Study Indicates Unger Excella Helps Keep Cleaners Safe
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