Eliminate Headaches Associated with Quality Inspections

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Streamlining your cleaning operations is the smartest way to minimize costs, protect your bottom line, and ensure quality procedures are performed. CompuClean provides an integrated reporting system and a variety of modules to improve the work management, quality assurance, inventory management and documentation at all levels of your cleaning operation.

Using the CompuClean Mobile App, you can conduct quality inspections right from a smartphone or tablet—complete with barcode scanning, image capture and annotations. With SMS and email project notifications, you can easily create, schedule, assign and track the completion of periodic projects. CompuClean addresses the critical business needs of custodial operations, providing solutions to staffing, cost containment and customer satisfaction issues. CompuClean is custodial management made simple™.

Posted On September 4, 2018

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Eliminate Headaches Associated with Quality Inspections
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