Customer Input Drives Portable Extractor Pump Design

Cat Pumps

When Cat Pumps set out to design a new pump for the portable extractor market, the driving force was this: what are the biggest pain-points operators and owners experience with high-pressure water pumps?

Through extensive customer interviewing and research, three top concerns were identified:

  1. Build a pump that provides exceptionally long life to reduce downtime and maximize productivity.
  2. Develop a design that will not leak and put contamination on the surface being cleaned.
  3. Make the pump easy to retrofit into existing equipment.

Cat PumpsBased on this voice-of-the-customer research, Cat Pumps engineers began modeling pump designs to meet customer demands. Relying on nearly 50 years of building industrial grade, high-pressure pumps, Cat Pumps designers evaluated failure modes and wear elements. No detail was overlooked to make the pump the best choice for portable extractor applications.

After two-plus years and thousands of engineering hours of research and development and design validation, the 1XP pump hit the market. Steve Larson, professional engineer and engineering manager at Cat Pumps remarked, “Designing a product based on customer priorities helps engineers focus on what really matters. We made sure the 1XP met all of the needs that were expressed by leading customers. Engineers enjoy working on winning designs.”

One of the key design breakthroughs resulted in a U.S. patent award covering the use of the pumped liquid as lubrication for internal moving parts. With this design, no grease or other petroleum-based lubricants are used in the pump, preventing oily discharge from fouling just cleaned surfaces.

Here is a partial list of the 1XP product characteristics driven by customer input:

  • Patented, greaseless design prevents putting contamination on cleaned surfaces.
  • 100% sealed wet-end for zero leaks and less maintenance.
  • Solid ceramic plungers that do not score and wear like stainless steel plungers, providing up to 10 times longer product life than the competition.
  • Fits existing portable extractor space and footprint.

Customers who have upgraded their extractors to the 1XP report smoother and quieter operation; faster and more consistent priming; and greatly increased pump life. In addition, the 1XP is backed by Cat Pumps commitment to customer service and 24-hour shipping for pumps and parts. Quality is no accident; the 1XP owes its performance to the many customers who offered valuable design input.

1XP Pump Specifications:

  • Flow: 0.5 to 2 gpm
  • Pressure range: 100 to 1000 psi
  • RPM: 1750 (60 Hz)/1450 (50 Hz)
  • AC (Induction) Motor; HP 1/3, 1/2, 3/4; Volts 115/230; Recognized CE, UL, and CSA
  • DC (Permanent Magnet) Motor; HP 1/3; Volts 120 Rectified DC.

Cat Pumps

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Posted On February 1, 2017
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Customer Input Drives Portable Extractor Pump Design
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