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Custodial/Janitorial Training

ISSAProfiles-CMIImage2.jpg What is CMI? Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) is a professional society focused on education, training and career advancement for professionals within the commercial cleaning industry.  Since 1964, CMI has been helping front-line custodians, supervisors, trainers and facility managers enhance their abilities for career advancement.

CMI has a number of professional development educational tracks for training and managing front-line custodians, from basic skills to supervisory management best practices and almost anything in between. All CMI training programs include both a classroom setting as well as hands-on components.

The programs teach best practices and proper procedures for consistent cleaning results producing improved effectiveness, increased productivity and ultimately reducing overall cleaning costs.

Why CMI?
CMI can help any team reach their optimum levels of success through our enhanced training programs.
  • As a building service contractor (BSC), you will have a step up on the competition as you can now provide a CMI Certified Custodial Technician at your client’s facility! 

  • As a facility manager you can now create your consistent training program to meet the ISSA’s requirements for CIMS certification with CMI. 

  • Reduce your overall budget through implementation of proper cleaning procedures with the Custodial Technician Training & Certification program.

ISSAProfiles-CMIImage.jpgCMI Products
The Custodial Technician Training and Certification program was developed more than 20 years ago and has been helping cleaning operations adopt best practices ever since. The program is designed for front-line custodians and teaches basic and advanced skills in all areas of commercial building cleaning.

The Basic program will cover all of your daily routine cleaning procedures for all sectors of the industry. From the Chemistry of Cleaning, Hard Floor Surfaces, Carpeted Floor Surfaces, Above Floor Surfaces and Restroom Care, these five modules will cover all of the basic cleaning procedures that meet today’s standards set forth by ISSA.

The Advanced program will cover all of your project-style cleaning procedures for Hard Floor Surfaces, Above Floor Surfaces and Restroom Care. These three modules will cover all of the more advanced cleaning procedures that meet today’s standards set forth by ISSA.

CMI’s Train the Trainer (TTT) course provides the tools and skills needed to implement a successful training program for your cleaning organization. This three-day program covers core principles of cleaning and best practices for supervising and implementing CMI’s training program. CMI’s TTT carries independent third-party certification that meets requirements for ISSA’s CIMS standard.

The Custodial Supervisor Certification was created due to the ever changing role of a custodial professional in today’s facilities and the need for more than just knowledge of how to clean. Today’s professional supervisor needs leadership training, communication skills, purchasing knowledge, hiring best practices and quality assurance, all of which are covered in the Supervisor program.

Finally, CMI’s Specialty Training Programs cover Carpet Care Specialist, Floor Care Specialist, Customer Service and Sustainable Schools.

Two things are consistent in the cleaning and maintenance market, constant pressure to do more with less and finding and keeping quality employees. Both can be accomplished through proper training. Training should not be viewed as an expense, but as an investment with the long term goal of reducing total costs. CMI has been helping our customers do this for over 50 years.

See how CMI’s training programs can positively affect your operation’s or facility’s bottom line.


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Posted On November 6, 2013

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Custodial/Janitorial Training
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