CMM Interviews Housekeeper From Retirement Community

CMM's first podcast interview explores the challenges of working in a facility that is full of occupants 24/7

Christine from Foxdale Village

Always keep your chin up, maintain a positive attitude, and remember to wash your hands.

This was the closing message from housekeeping professional Christine during CMM's inaugural podcast episode, which explores the ins and outs of what it's like to be a front-line cleaner for a continuing care retirement community.

A typical shift for Christine—she asked us not to use her last name for this interview—consists of cleaning four apartments in central Pennsylvania's Foxdale Village retirement community, meaning she's responsible for 20 apartments throughout her five-day work week. She also has responsibilities pertaining to the community's health center and laundry room.

Many of CMM's readers are responsible for managing and training the staff who clean and maintain the facilities we occupy for work, shopping, school, and health care, just to name a few; however, it's not always easy to grasp what it's like from the front-line employees' point of view. This podcast interview offers a close look at the day-to-day responsibilities and challenges of one particular front-line employee working in the professional cleaning industry. 


Posted On May 29, 2018
Kelly Zimmerman

Kelly Zimmerman

Managing Editor, CMM

Kelly Zimmerman is the managing editor of Cleaning & Maintenance Management. She has experience managing industry-specific content for print and digital formats. She holds a master of science in journalism from Northwestern University. Kelly can be reached at

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CMM Interviews Housekeeper From Retirement Community
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