Bringing School Spirit to Hardwood Floors

Bringing School Spirit to Hardwood Floors

Like most high school sport floors, the gym floor at Lutheran High School in Parker, CO, gets a good deal of foot traffic. From sporting events to dances, the gym is the heart of the school. When it came time to refresh the floor, Lutheran High School turned to Bona.

bonaLutheran High School refinished the floor in 2011, so while it didn’t need a full sand and refinish, the original oil-modified finish had yellowed and darkened, and the logo and lettering needed a style update. Bona recommended a waterborne system to avoid discoloration, ensure durability, and offer a low VOC process. Additionally, Bona recommended its Bona SuperSport Paint™ and its hybrid Bona Glaze System, a new, growing trend in hardwood floor treatment that offers a simple, quick-drying process to compliment solid paint colors with a translucent, stained appearance.

“Like any sport surface, it’s important to ensure the highest level of durability while also offering a beautiful aesthetic. Our Bona Glaze system gives us an opportunity to custom mix and match translucent colors to provide the perfect look,” said Dave Posey, national sales manager, JanSan, Bona US. “We also took into consideration the importance of maintaining healthy air quality so the full Bona waterborne system was the clear choice.”

Bona began by sanding the floor with its Bona Ceramic Abrasives. Once down to raw wood, the team used a Bona Power Drive sander along with Bona bona Blue Abrasives to remove drum chatter and to prepare for water-popping the court and then applying a coat of DriFast Stain. Next, Bona applied the glaze which provided a perfect accent color. After the stain properly dried, two coats of DTS Sport Sealer were applied, dried overnight, abraded, and thoroughly cleaned in preparation for the game line tape, logo, and lettering. Details like the school logo and game lines were added using SuperSport Paint in stock white, a custom dark gray, and custom purple. Finally, the floor was finished with Bona SuperSport HD, a premium two-component waterborne wood floor finish specifically formulated for professional use on maple sport floors. The finish provides a tough, high-build urethane finish that is easy to maintain, is VOC compliant, and non-yellowing (so as not to take away from the bold and beautiful new floor design).

"We are incredibly blessed by our new gym floor at Lutheran High School and the excitement from our athletes and fans has been incredible," said Mark Duitsman, athletic director and head girls basketball coach at Lutheran High School. "Bona made the process quick and easy, and the level of work performed was remarkable. Bona has helped us create one of the best facilities in the state and we are so excited for our athletes to compete on this new floor!"


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Bringing School Spirit to Hardwood Floors
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