Breaking Down the Business of BSCs

A look at CMM’s 2015 contract cleaning survey

Building service contractors (BSCs) consistently face the delicate balance of keeping prices attractive, yet high enough to keep the doors open, pay their employees, and still turn a profit at the end of the day. Simultaneously, the added challenge of delivering a competitive contract without impacting the level of quality or service often can make or break a BSC operation.

This information may sound old hat. CMM covers this topic repeatedly, yet the issues surrounding competitive pricing and profitability continue to impact BSCs in the industry. In fact, in our 2015 BSC/Contract Cleaning Survey, respondents list competition, pricing, and low bidding among the most critical issues facing BSCs in today's competitive marketplace.

This year, more than 300 cleaning contractors—240 of whom identify as BSCs—completed the survey, providing a glimpse into the most pressing issues for the commercial cleaning industry. And with the help of our publisher, ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, we were able to reach out and gauge responses from a broader segment of the BSC market.

To help readers digest the information and to provide a more accurate snapshot of the industry, we have created a six-page graphic spread covering this year’s top findings. They provide a snapshot of topics, including the ones already mentioned, that drive the BSC segment of the commercial cleaning industry. Following these pages, readers can gain access to the full survey results. Both the spread and the complete survey results reflect responses from those contractors who primarily identify themselves as BSCs.

Click the Download button below to access the entire report, with all its graphs, numbers, facts, and figures.

Posted On August 5, 2015

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Breaking Down the Business of BSCs
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