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Green techniques can be incorporated into a facility at any time, regardless of age or use; do the right thing and protect your bottom line, as environmentally responsible businesses are efficient businesses.

Few things take away from an otherwise clean carpet more quickly than soiled traffic lanes, making prevention a fundamental aspect of cleaning.

Test your knowledge and complete a quick, 10-question quiz developed by Daniel Frimml of Tornado Industries Inc. to ensure retention of the main points from his September 2012 article, “The Wave Of The Future.”

Scale buildup in water systems promotes the growth of biofilms and creates a breeding ground for harmful bacteria like Legionella pneumophila (L. pneumophila), the fundamental agent of Legionnaires’ disease.

Picture this: You and one of your co-workers are exiting a restroom stall at the exact same time. As usual, you head over to the sink and start lathering up, while your counterpart walks shamelessly toward the door.

A call to the ANSI/NFSI B101.3 standard and the possible need for a lower cost slip meter.


There are varying titles for JanSan professionals and, depending on what types of facilities people work in, their job titles can be quite different.

If given the choice, which method for removing water from your hands do you prefer?

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Facility cleanliness is all in the details.

These 10 rules are not written in porcelain, but they should be understood by every human with a Y chromosome.


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More than 100 years of infection control and prevention are marked by the expansion of the Clorox Healthcare brand.

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Posted On October 31, 2012

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