A Win for Safety, Your Wallet, and Our Planet

A Win for Safety, Your Wallet, and Our Planet

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When it comes to winter deicing, many facility managers assume that cleaning up the mess left by chloride-based ice melts on floors inside of buildings is as inevitable as death and taxes. What often is not considered is how time consuming and expensive it is to clean up that white, chalky residue.

When you consider labor, equipment, and supplies, the cost of this special cleaning is a whopping $50-$60 per entranceway per storm event, according to Mark Warner, Cleaning Management Institute Education Manager for the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA). “With two to three entranceways and two to three cleanings per day during a storm, the added cost of cold weather-driven cleaning often exceeds $400 to $500 per day, per building,” Warner says.

As much as aesthetics, this cleaning is done to keep people safe from slip and fall accidents. And while we are solving this problem – at a significant cost – we are ignoring a host of new ones. Chloride-based ice melts:

  • Damage concrete, metal, shoes, and wheelchairs;
  • Harm plants, soil and pets; and
  • Are increasingly becoming an environmental hazard due to overuse.

“In many situations, the same person applying ice melt outside of the building will come inside, and spend hours cleaning it up,” said Nate Clemmer, CEO of Secure Winter Products. “The more we looked at how winter sidewalk maintenance was done, the more we realized that things needed to change, which is why we created Entry®.”

Entry is a chloride and residue-free liquid ice melt that is designed to eliminate the need to clean up after a treatment. When Entry tracks into buildings, it tracks like water, has a near neutral pH like water, and will dry like water.

Entry’s unique mode of action breaks apart the molecular structure of the ice lattice, melting snow and ice very quickly and, when used as directed, prevents refreeze to temperatures significantly lower than any chloride-based ice melt on the market. “It is the combination of speed of melt, as well as prevention of refreeze, that makes Entry so effective and helpful in preventing accidents,” added Clemmer.

Recognized for all of these innovations, Entry recently became the first ice melt to earn Green Seal® Certification. “Entry has raised the bar for what consumers should expect about the health, safety and effectiveness of deicers in the marketplace. Entry® is a top-performing product that is significantly safer for families, pets, plants and aquatic life. We’re proud to put a Green Seal on Entry,” said Doug Gatlin, CEO of Green Seal®.

“Entry is able to accomplish all of these things at a cost that is comparable to traditional granular chloride salts,” concluded Clemmer. “Finally a win for safety, your wallet and our planet.”

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A Win for Safety, Your Wallet, and Our Planet
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