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Infection Control

A clean classroom
August 2, 2019 Adam Povlitz

Teach Educators the Five Lessons of Cleaning Schools

In order for a cleaning company to earn the business of a school or an entire school district, it must demonstrate that it can create a healthy atmosphere for students and staff. Use these five lesson plans when pitching your company to a school.

Inside of a dialysis center showing treatment stations
August 1, 2019 Tim Conn

Bidding a Medical Facility Part 3: Dialysis Centers

Knowing how to properly handle biohazardous waste is critical for any cleaning service considering making a bid to clean a dialysis center.

A dentist exam room
June 26, 2019 Tim Conn

Bidding a Medical Facility Part 2: Doctor and Dentist Offices and Labs

Knowing specific tasks you are required to perform, such as wiping down exam tables and cleaning waiting room toys, will help you prepare a bid for specific medical facilities.

A clean men's restroom
June 11, 2019 Kelly Zimmerman

Corners and Crevices: The Nastiest Restroom Areas

Contrary to popular belief, the toilet seat is not the grossest spot in a restroom. Learn tips to clean dirty grout, overfilled feminine hygiene receptacles, and other nasty restroom surfaces.

Are playgrounds making children sick?
September 19, 2010 Jenna Gallard

Are playgrounds making children sick?

According to a hygiene surface test conducted by the International Journal of Environmental Health Research, 44 percent of playground surfaces tested positive for urine, feces, mucus, saliva, and other blood-borne pathogens.

Sign indicating do not place feminine hygiene products in toilet
September 19, 2010 Dawn Shoemaker

Proper procedure for sanitary napkin disposal

Dealing with the safe and sanitary disposal of feminine hygiene products offers building service contractors (BSCs) profitable opportunities.

Hospital cleaning professional
September 19, 2010 Dr. Tee L. Guidotti

Fighting MRSA with conventional thinking

Thursday's Ask the Experts: Porous surface disinfectant
December 3, 2009 Lynn Krafft

Thursday's Ask the Experts: Porous surface disinfectant