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Return-to-work-cleaning plan
June 11, 2020 Tim Poskin

Draft a Return-to-Work Cleaning Plan

As our country shifts toward reopening, the cleaning community must focus on how its plans affect the safety and health of clients.

June 9, 2020 Stephen Ashkin

COVID-19’s Impact on Sustainability

Now is the time to redefine who we are as an industry and rethink how we clean buildings to protect occupant health.

Custodial Proposals
April 30, 2020 Rick VanderKoy

Custodial Proposals in a Post-COVID-19 World

Going forward, prospects considering hiring a BSC will be looking for an entire infection prevention section in the proposal.

May 6, 2020 Matthew Stowe

How to Navigate COVID-19 as a Franchisor

Here are five steps franchisors can take to create solutions to today’s new challenges.


City Wide
July 28, 2020 Kathleen Misovic

City Wide Squeezes Opportunities out of Pandemic

City Wide contacted its clients about new cleaning and disinfecting services. One popular new service involves cleaning and disinfecting manufacturers’ trucks and shipping areas.

Transparent Cleaning Plan
July 21, 2020 Tim Poskin

Reopen With an Integrated and Transparent Cleaning Plan

Cleaning is essential to our country’s shift toward reopening. Whether cleaning plans are executed in-house or with contractors, they should be integrated and transparent.

Revenue Growth
July 8, 2020 Will Humsi & Dave Clement & Dylan Vest

How BSCs Can Achieve Sustainable Revenue Growth in a Post-COVID-19 World

Learn how BSCs can grow revenue and help business thrive during the COVID-19 rebound and beyond.

Water Loss
June 16, 2020 Dan Mesenburg

How to Successfully Navigate Water Loss Jobs

This tool can help your business successfully complete jobs involving water losses.

employee retention
April 23, 2020 Tim Poskin

Six employee retention strategies to help reduce turnover

Here are six affordable employee retention ideas that you can implement in 2020.

Fire and Smoke Restoration
April 21, 2020 Patrick Moffett

Fire and Smoke Restoration

Cleaning companies and building service contractors will want to consider the answers to these frequently asked questions before adding fire and smoke restoration to their list of services to increase their profitability.

sustainability, environmentalism
April 14, 2020 Stephen Ashkin

5 Reasons Why Sustainability Is Great for Cleaning Businesses

Sustainability is not only good for the environment, it also promotes social responsibility, increases your worker retention, and improves your company's bottom line.

distribution center
March 26, 2020 Jeff Cross

An Industry Unites: Distributors Working 24/7 to Keep the Supply Chain Healthy

Distributors are overcoming challenges to get manufacturers' products to the end users quickly and efficiently.

unity, cleaning industry unity
March 24, 2020 Jeff Cross

An Industry Unites

Learn how building services providers plan to survive, and even thrive, after the fallout from COVID-19.

Digital Branding
March 12, 2020 Ron Segura

4 Elements to Include in Your Digital Branding Strategy

Digital branding is about establishing an online identity and cultivating positive feelings about a company.

quality assessment
March 4, 2020 Tim Poskin

How to Create Long-Term Change Through Quality Assessment

A thorough quality assessment can reveal valuable insight about the strengths and stability of your operation as well as weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

Women in the Cleaning Industry
March 2, 2020 Dr. Felicia L. Townsend

5 Ways to Champion Women in the Cleaning Industry

To retain the best talent and elevate women of all different backgrounds, consider implementing best practices that support women in the workplace.