You’re Probably Forgetting to Clean These

November 6, 2019

Everyone knows the importance of cleaning high-touch surfaces in facilities—such as handles, switches, and counters—as well as floors, and restrooms. One item commonly found in business and residential facilities is often overlooked at cleaning time—plants.

Plants not only beautify a building they enhance its oxygen. Through the process of photosynthesis, plants use sunlight to create their food from carbon dioxide and water, generating oxygen as a byproduct of the process. However, dusty, dirty, and grimy leaves on the plants impedes the process.

Fortunately there are easier ways to clean plants than wiping each leaf with a cloth, advises Inhabitat. You can move small plants into the sink to rinse them off with the spray nozzle. Allow them to drain and dry off the pots before putting them back. You also can take them outside and spray them lightly with a garden hose, allowing them to dry before bringing them back inside.

For larger plants that can’t be moved easily, use a spray bottle to wash off the leaves.

In between showers, use a feather duster, lightly moving over the surfaces of the plant, weaving between branches to touch the top and bottom of leaves. Use a gentle touch so you don’t disrupt blooms or knock healthy leaves off the plant.



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