Universities Across Missouri Face Maintenance Backlog

Report estimates aging campuses require $1.5 billion in repairs

December 3, 2018

Missouri’s university facilities are burdened with a US$1.5 billion backlog of maintenance projects according to a new report from the Missouri Department of Higher Education, The State reports. 

Maintenance problems detailed in the report include cracked and peeling paint, water-damaged ceilings and walls, buckling floor tiles, and aging plumbing. The University of Missouri campus in Columbia, MO, needs an estimated $404.2 million for repairs, as over 40 percent of its facilities have not been renovated in more than 50 years.

Missouri universities have had to rely on the state for infrastructure costs as a state law limits tuition from being raised above the rate of inflation. However, state funding for higher education institutions has significantly declined in recent years.

University campuses across the country are facing maintenance backlogs and looking for new ways to fund renovations. Officials at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill are considering charging students an extra fee to pay for campus maintenance.


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