Tweet to Keep Young Summer Workers Safe

May 6, 2019

If your company hires high school and college students over the summer to help with cleaning, landscaping, and other maintenance jobs, check out a social media campaign from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) educating young workers about their safety rights.

Each week, the campaign will focus on different themes, such as workers’ rights and avoiding job injuries, such as slips, trips, and falls. Young workers can engage with the campaign by posting messages or images on social media in response to questions about their work.

Visit OSHA’s #MySafeSummerJob website for resources, tools, and a social media toolkit to help keep your young workers safe this summer.

Providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to young workers can also protect them from serious injury. CMM offers an overview of the various types of PPE. For instance, employers can provide young workers with sturdy, rubber-soled shoes or boots to protect their feet from being saturated with floor stripping solutions that can cause serious burns. Vinyl disposable gloves should be mandatory for workers performing any task that requires the use of cleaning solutions. Respirators covering the wearer’s nose and mouth will protect landscapers exposed to pesticides and insecticides. Ear plugs and ear muffs can prevent hearing damage in workers exposed to loud noises such as vacuums, leaf blowers, and lawn mowers.


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