Technology Tracks Hotel Cleaning Practices

Microchipped sheets and towels reveal wash history

July 11, 2019

A new microchipping service rolled out in China allows travelers to check when the sheets and towels in their hotel rooms were last washed, Channel News Asia reports.

A laundry service for hotels in Wuhan, China, is installing thin microchips on bedsheets, pillowcases and towels. Using their cell phones, hotel guests scan a code on the linen and towels to learn the date the item was washed. The chips can withstand temperatures of up to 180 degrees Celsius and be washed 200 times.

The service was inspired by a scandal last year when an online video exposed poor hygiene standards at high-end hotels in China. The video showed housekeepers cross-contaminating surfaces, such as using the same cloth to clean toilets, cups, and sinks.

Cross-contamination is the act of transporting germs and bacteria from one place in a facility to another and can be done unintentionally during cleaning. CMM offers tips on cleaning methods that eliminate cross contamination, such as using different colored cleaning cloths for different rooms and purposes, and cleaning from top to bottom so dust and dirt that isn’t captured in the cleaning tool falls to the ground and is picked up during the final step of washing the floor.

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