Take a Break to Inspire Employees

July 10, 2019

Managers can motivate and teach their employees by setting a good example through their work ethic. But did you know supervisors can also positively influence their workers by setting a positive example with their vacation ethic?

An editorial in MarketWatch examining dissatisfaction at work examined the work/life balance of business executives and owners and found that most failed to unplug from work for even 24 hours. Although they took their families on one- or two-week vacations in the summer, they took along their work phones and laptops so they could check in with the office and spend time on work emails every day they were away.

This practice contributes to work teams’ feelings of overwhelm and burnout, and sends the message they need to be connected to work all the time as well. Effective leaders demonstrate that they can take a break from work without feeling guilty, inspiring their workers to do the same.

CMM offers seven tips to help workers gain work/life balance, such as prioritizing accomplishment over activity by limiting the number of times you check email in a day.

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