Survey Reveals Which State’s Residents Spend the Most Time Cleaning

Poll also finds younger people less concerned about frequent restroom cleanings

January 22, 2020

If cleaning your home is a task that seems to take forever, you will not be surprised to learn that a survey conducted by Mulberrys Garment Care found you most likely will spend more than 100 full days of your lifetime doing household chores.

The survey found people living in Hawaii spend the most time cleaning at 138 days while residents of Minnesota spend the least time at 122 days.

Breaking the cleaning into specific tasks, most people surveyed estimated that they spend half an hour per week vacuuming and the same amount of time cleaning the bathroom. Based on each state’s life expectancy, that means they will spend the equivalent of between 61 and 69 days vacuuming and an additional 61 to 69 days scrubbing the toilet, before they die.

However, the survey found not everyone spends about two months of their life cleaning the restroom. Millennials were twice as likely as older generations to clean their bathrooms only once a month. More than one-fifth of survey respondents born after 1981 reported they scrubbed their toilets every four weeks, compared to about one-tenth of Generation Xers and Baby Boomers who also cleaned their bathrooms once a month.

Among other household cleaning tasks, 52% of Baby Boomers changed their bed sheets every week compared to 36% of millennials. However, most people changed their towels more frequently than their linens, with 38% tossing their towels into the hamper after one or two uses, and 34% using their towels three or four times before changing them.

Professional cleaners are accustomed to frequent restroom cleanings. Learn how a standardized restroom cleaning process provides the best results, no matter how many times a month you scrub the toilet.

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